Watch: Recreating the ‘70s Best Trailer Design with a New Beetle

One of the internet’s oldest videos is actually from 1974, when someone decided to create a camping trailer to fit the Volkswagen Beetle. And now, it’s being recreated by a modern YouTuber.

Bug Bmx, who is a fan of diesels and doing silly things with them, has decided to recreate the video with a modern diesel New Beetle and a gooseneck trailer.

His first attempt at the challenge is less than successful. Without the right hardware, the shop tries to just bolt a hitch to the sheet metal on the roof. This, predictably, causes the roof to buckle and the host, Kyler Manning, to opt out of driving the Beetle.

The second attempt, though, goes much better. Sensibly, the team then welds the hitch to the pillars—which, since this is an arch-shaped car, are likely ideally suited to taking all kinds of weight.

Whatever the physics, the result is that the Beetle can handle the full weight of the trailer without any issue. Even at the odd, unbalanced angle the trailer has to adopt—looking more like it wants to mate than anything else—the Beetle can drive around Manning’s parking lot with seeming ease.

I say “seeming” though, because there are still hints of the weight—and the Beetle’s discomfort with it—throughout the video. On one quick turn, for instance, you can see one side of the nearly being lifted off the ground by the weight of the trailer and in others you can see just how low its back end sits.

All things considered, though, the Beetle handles the weight shockingly well.