Watch an SQ7 Beat a Focus RS Down the Quarter Mile

Audi Sport’s Stephen Reil revealed last year that the sub-brand deliberately lowballs its 0-60 times to ensure that users and reviewers aren’t disappointed by reality. Looks like Audi did the same thing with the SQ7.

Rated at 4.9 seconds-to-sixty, the boys over at Top Gear decided to run it against the Ford Focus RS.

The favorite car of the perennially immature, the hot hatch lit the automotive press alight with its 350 hp, AWD, and 4.7-seconds-to-60 time. So there’s no better car to put back in its place.

Although it matches its stated 0-60 time, the Focus still loses to the SQ7, which managed a 60 time of just 4.5 seconds eventually completing the quarter-mile in just 13.1 seconds.

Best of all, though, this means we get to start off 2018 with a brand new installment of our ongoing series: Big Audi go Speeds they have no Business Going #BAGSTHNBG!