Watch: Trying to Make a 1/8th Scale Chiron Go 1/8th of 261 MPH

For all the fidelity of the LEGO Bugatti Chiron, it fails in one important aspect. It isn’t actually an automobile since it isn’t able to make itself move. But Donut Media is here to fix that.

In this video, they attempt to make the 1/8th scale LEGO Chiron go 36.2 mph (which is 1/8th of 261 mph, the confirmed top speed of the Chiron) in this LEGO-sponsored video.

To do that, they take the completed car to a hobby shop where an electric RC car floor is installed under the body. Unfortunately, some modifications had to made to the body, so it looks more like a NASCAR version of a Chiron than an actual Chiron, but it’s still pretty good all things considered.

How many runs they actually managed with the car is unclear, but the one run they show ends in tragedy, as the Chiron flips and basically tears itself apart. Honestly, though, this is LEGO, so it’s more opportunity than crisis (maybe the Chinese were talking about LEGOs???).

Whatever the case (spoilers inbound) the team manages to get the car up to 41 mph, which is 1/8th of 328 mph. So the LEGO Chiron is officially faster than the real deal if you’re willing to really suspend common sense for a fun premise.