Car Spotting: ‘Violet Touch’ Purple GTI in Doha, Qatar

While enjoying a layover in the Middle East, Orchid Euro owner and friend of the site Jamie Orr did some carspotting in Doha, Qatar.  As you might expect, he was able to find some of the more rare and unique models, including this Mk7 GTI, finished in what the dealer calls “Violet Touch.”  Rather than go into it on our own, we’ll let the images and the man himself do all the talking.

Driving away from the airport on one of the main thoroughfares through the city, there sits a row of car dealerships, much as you would expect to see in the USA or Europe. There is however a few important differences that aren’t immediately apparent. One; the property they stand on is owned by a man who is essentially the King of Qatar. Two; the franchise dealerships are literally the only ones of their marques in the country.

They’re not just the sole location for the brands, they are the brands. Ordering for the entire country is done by them, for their own sales inventory, and indeed for every one who chooses to drive a Volkswagen, an Audi or anything else that falls under the brands that the ownership represents. And this lets them have some fun when it comes time to choose the vehicle specs during ordering time…

This Golf GTI was part of a very limited run ordered by the dealership manager Andrew Palmer, available in Broom Yellow, Deep Blue, Dark Violet, Racing Green, Yellow [nope, no fancy name apparently], Violet Touch, and Ravenna Blue. These are definitely highly exclusive in Qatar, but are also very likely rare anywhere outside of Germany as very limited markets have access to the personal paint color choices.

So what do you think of the purple?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below.