The Siftung AutoMuseum in Photos

On day one of the great Beetle road trip (which we’ve been covering all week) we stopped in at the Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen, in Wolfsburg. Although it’s not on the factory campus (for lack of a better word) the museum is still in the town of Wolfsburg, a surreally Volkswagen infested place—for real, being in a town with only one carmaker makes you feel like you’re on a movie set, or in the Truman Show or something.

The museum houses a great collection of important, interesting, and odd VWs from throughout the brand’s history. Everthing from a late WWII four-wheel-drive Kubelwagen to the Mk7 GTI are all represented here.

For example, there’s the Plattenwagen (which would eventually lead to the microbus), the first and last VW Dakar winners, the precursor to the Golf, an SP2, a wooden Beetle, perhaps the world’s ugliest Oettinger widebody Beetle, a four-door Beetle from 1955, a four-door Mk1 GTI (one of two built for Giugiaro), and literally too many other cars to list here.

Visit the museum’s website to find out more about some of the more interesting cars, though it too is an incomplete picture.