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      did a little research and stumbled on it on accident, came out to be the pcv hose upgraded to this: http://www.urotuning.com/Breather-Hose-Lower-Block-Mk4-1-8T-Reinforced-Si-p/034_mk4_lower.htm

      inside of that pipe when i took it out was very gunked up, cleaned out all the hoses that will need to be put back on. broke off in 2 spots very easily when i took it out so hopefully that was all it was. :banghead: was in a very poor location hard to reach cut my hands up from all the wiggling :thumbdown:

      Also i guess the fluttering would be a boost leak because that oil was going into the intake making it run rich causing black smoke sometimes, eventually make my plugs go bad when i put new ones in not to long ago the stockers looked shot (also did coil packs).