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      I have this torque wrench:


      Pretty standard click type wrench where you turn the handle to set the torque spec. It has a knob at the very bottom that you loosen, then set the torque, then tighten the knob again.

      I used it for the first time yesterday to do a wheel retorque and what I noticed was that after a few lug nuts I happened to look at the torque spec and it was off a bit, as the handle to set the torque had turned a bit in my hand as I pushed/pulled on the wrench. I didn't give too much thought to it, and just reset it and finished the job. But now I think I want to retorque again tonight making sure to be doing it right.

      I guess off the top of my head I thought that locking that knob was to lock in that torque setting so the torque setting wouldn't move, but I guess I didn't check that this was exactly what that lock knob was for. It's possible I didn't lock it tight enough, but it's kind of hard just using your fingers. Am I doing something wrong? Will pay closer attention tonight.
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      For not much more you could buy the tools you need and do the job yourself.

      Get a jack, two jackstands and a basic hand tool set. Make Sure you get the 18mm socket and/or combination wrench.
      The only two specialty tools you will need are the strut speader bit and probably the special socket for removing the front upper strut mount. Go to Harbor Freight, use a coupon or two. Watch a few how-to videos, this job is super well documented and is very easy to do. You can even rent the strut compressor tool from Autozone / Oriellys / CarQuest for Free!!!


      Good Luck!
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      Which torque wrench do you guys use?

      Have never changed a full set of tires but now that I have a winter/summer set I plan to do it myself.
      Whenever I had to change a flat tire I used a basic wrench that comes with the spare tire.

      I did not get my winter wheels yet but the bolts are different than the stock ones, so now I am wondering if I will need a separate wrench for each bolt type, or it doesn't matter?

      may need to put on a flame suit, but http://www.harborfreight.com/1-2-half-inch-drive-click-type-torque-wrench-239.html

      $12 with a coupon and perfectly fine for changing wheels. A standard 17mm socket should work with both sets of lugs, although a wheel hanger is helpful since the car doesn't have studs.
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      As far as a torque wrench goes...I'm gonna shell out for something I know will last, because it wont be the last time a bolt needs torquing on my rabbit hahha
      I bought this torque wrench a few years ago and it is holding up better than my crappy craftsman socket wrench :p