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      I FINALLY get to post in here :):):):)

      Untitled by smooremin, on Flickr

      Untitled by smooremin, on Flickr

      Previous owners obviously have a bunch of **** to move out, but I move in on 3/3 and am THRILLED to finally have a garage. I have grand plans in my head of building a wonder garage, but who knows when that will happen... Super excited nonetheless.


      and Valspar primer is cheap and white. It'll work until you decide what color motif.
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      I'm currently working on making more storage space in my attic... and I think I'm going to have to buy some of those. Was considering wiring in more light fixtures, but those seem easier and cheaper to do. :thumbup:

      does anyone here buy penetrating fluid and brake clean in bulk? trying to stock up without breaking the bank. quick looks i found stuff like this which after shipping ends up being $3.50/ea.

      Yes, but I just get it from AutoZone. I have a friend that works there and he'll let me know whenever they're on sale (buy one, get one kinda thing), and I'll go and buy 2 dozen cans or so.