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FOR SALE -- 2006 MK5 golf Volkswagen Gti *Autobahn Edition Package* (keyword: fahrenheit )
I’m looking to get new rims and tires for my stock mk4 Jetta, I would like to get as flush as I can get without any rub or other issues, would 17x9 with +30 offset fit? Also what tire size should I run
The time required is the most interesting and secretive part of a car’s gestation; a crash program to replace a dead-on-its-wheels product may take only half the time invested in a normal, full-redesign effort.
Hey everyone. I have a problem my vw Jetta mk2 with a TDI 80hp block. His screw keeps turning when I turn on my ventilation. Or when the engine gets hot. I can only make it stop running if i disconnect the battery i can't make it stop turning if i turn off the ignition or turn off the...
just bought this car, im 16 and have very little amount of money wondering any small mods to do to my car?
Wanted mk5 or newer 18” wheels that fit gli in Ohio Indiana Kentucky or Tennessee
Bought from an old lady who bought the car off the showroom floor. Originally it was an American car but she had it shipped to Canada so the car is in mph. It has all the options full leather interior GLI specific seats, steering wheel and controls, premium audio system. It is also a DSG but the...
2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8t Amu 2004 audi tt quattro 6 speed o2m awd trans Injectors Exhaust ,manifold and downpipe Suspension Intercoolers and piping Ko4-023 turbo Stage 2 tune / working on purchasing a better brand tune/ And interior all from donor swap
I have almost all of the parts for a 2009 Jetta, The reason for parting out is car was damaged in accident. Motor and trans work perfect car still drives. All interior parts available
Drew up a concept for a possible grill, what do you think?
My current car, time of writing around 80k miles, 10k being from me.
08 R32 I picked up 2 years ago. Is an ongoing project. Has issues that I'm still trying to figure out.
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Bought from a couple on dog food. Didn't try to ask them what was wrong. Came with $200 worth of new wires, whole tune up kit basically. I got it because the ignition lock cyl was broke and it needs new bushings.
work in progress daily driver
lowered, cts turbo intake, mmr 19' wheels, APR stage 1 tune
Mk7 Golf GTI 6M in Pure White
14i golf fitted with merk suspention