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  1. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hiya. Am new to this but hubby changed EGR valve on golf and due to rough idle and stalling. Once changed rough revs stopped and no it sits idle at 1000-1100 revs. Too high considering its standard at 6-800rpm at idle. Anyway, I plugged it into VAG READER and come back with two codes...
  2. TDI and Diesel Forum
    Hello! First post here. I've got a early 90s ecodiesel engine that's been turned into a proper Turbo diesel with a TD pump. I'm freshening it up. (rings, cylinder hone, crank polish, and bearings. I'm having trouble finding the bearings I need. Im wanting to do Rod and Main bearings. I took...
  3. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hello fellas. Recently my golf started to use A LOT more fuel than normal. I'll explain. Usually it sat around 7.5L/100km (32mpg) or less on country roads / highway. Not weird considering the car is now 22 years old. When new it was rated 6L/100km. My guess is that it is a bit more efficient...
  4. TDI and Diesel Forum
    I recently bought a dead man's 83 Caddy. No maintenance records but by it's cleanliness, seemed to have been recently rebuilt. It's a JP engine code, hydro, NA. Not knowing anything at all about the engine, I changed the oil (Rotella 15w40), WIX filter, checked engine and pump timing, plumbed...
  5. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    1.6L FSI Petrol 4 cylinder 105hp BAD Engine What type of oil does it take? The engine is a bit rare, so I don't know what type of engine oil it takes. Do all Boras and MkIV Golfs take the same stuff?
  6. Volkswagen News Blog
    Another Scirocco for "Find of the Day?" When it looks this good, we have to share it. Throughout its lifespan, the Mk2 Scirocco had a number of special models, but the Scirocco 16V is easily the most popular. Introduced in mid-1986, the 16V upped the performance of this 2+2 substantially. The...
1-6 of 6 Results