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  1. Scirocco
    Hey, I recently swapped my fuel pump on my 1987 16v scirocco and in the process I snapped the fuel line leaving the pump, any ideas on where to get a new line/make a new line?
  2. SoCal Cars
    I'm looking for a project car to build. Must have complete 16v motor, running or not. Interior and exterior trim does not need to be complete. Must be capable of being registered. Salvage title okay. Will transport within Cali. * ALSO WILLING TO SETTLE FOR 8v SCIROCCO * Thanks!
  3. 16v Engine Forum
    In need of some assistance. I’m swapping a 1.8 16v out of a scirocco into my 1979 A1 Rabbit. i’m in need of a wiring harness for the knock sensor and engine. I have the knock box (below) And i need the wiring for both modules. If anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction, it...
  4. Sold 1

    SoCal Cars
    $1 USD
  5. 1

    Passat (B3 & B4)
  6. Corrado
    does anyone know the v belt sizes of a 16v without ac rebuilding a corrado 1.8 16v but don't have the old belts! anyone that can tell me the sizes of both ? thnx
  7. Golf II & Jetta II
    Is there anyone that sells 1.8L long blocks I know I can find a ton of air cooled aftermarket engines but I cannot find any 1.8L stuff. Is my best bet looking on marketplace and Ebay?
  8. Golf II & Jetta II
    Attached below are pictures of the hose, if Im not mistaken it is a return? line for the differential pressure regulator on the CIS-E Fuel Distributor. Mine is currently leaking, as of recently since trying to troubleshoot a no-start now. I'm looking for anyone that has one to spare to get...
  9. Scirocco
    So I've been trying to get a 86 scirocco to running condition and it does run but puffs a lot of smoke out of the exhaust I pulled a spark plug and it is just black so I think it's running way too rich wondering how to lean the fuel mixture.
  10. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hello folks, I have swapped out my old 8v motor for a 16v motor and mated it to my 8v transmission. Prior to the swap there were no concerns with shifting. Post swap, I now have issues whereby I am unable to shift into reverse without grinding the gears and shifting into first through third is...
  11. Scirocco
    Picked up the engine from the machine shop today. It's been there for 9 months so time to get this thing prepped and put back in the car. Block bored, new 83.5mm pistons installed, new bearings all around. Head and valves received a 3-angle grind and 4 new exhaust valves. Will make updates...
  12. Scirocco
    Well here we go. Thanks to Forza of all things, I fell in love with the Mk2 Scirocco. And about a year and a half later I managed to find not one, not two, but three nearly identical 88 16V Roccos. Same color even. Car#1 - motor currently being torn down. Dropped an intake valve on previous...
  13. Scirocco
    Trying to figure out what wires go where. I have a four wire ICM solid green, white/green, solid black, and a brown. I know the brown is a common ground but im not sure about the others.
  14. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hey All. I'm new to this forum and to GTI ownership. I picked up a gem of a GTI. 125k miles with almost no rust (only one bit below the rear driver side window). Car is original as far as I can tell. But the paint is terrible so it's in the process of getting stripped for body work and paint...
  15. Golf II & Jetta II
    Hey! I've been fighting general driveability issues on my 16v Swapped 1991 8v Gti. I have been chasing this problem for months and am looking for some help! Vehicle Specs; 1991 Golf Gti 8v - (Received the vehicle for free, needed extensive work) 9a 16v swap BBM fuel rail Digifast ECU Chip...
  16. Scirocco
    Hey all, I have a 16v that is on its 3rd starter in the last few months while I've been restoring the car. It's never driven on the road. Here's the story: I put a new starter in and it starts right up. Then a month or so later it will suddenly die on me. No crank. Won't jump. Won't even spin...
  17. Corrado
    I have a corrado 2.0 16v Manual and I’m not really sure where to get an lsd or what lsd I should use the trans is original and I’m rebuilding the engine. Any help is appreciated,thanks.
  18. Golf II & Jetta II
    I can’t find one for the life of me. Must be straight— mine could work with a little leak, just jacked up stud hole.
  19. Engine Classifieds
    Came from running 1987 GTI 16v1.8 Head. $70
  20. TriState Parts
    SOLD This is my 16v ABA (ABF clone?) that I had built for my race car. The engine was built and then I had an issue with the machine work on the head so the head was removed and rebuilt again. The head now has 0 miles on it. The bottom end only has a few miles from testing before we...
1-20 of 70 Results