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2.0 tfsi

  1. Passat (B6)
    Hello, I have search everywhere after an answer of my problem but can only find the regular answers. I have a Passat 2006 2,0 TFSI (B6), manual transmission, with fluctuating engine temperature. It takes 30km (18miles) to reach 90 degree Celsius (194 Fahrenheit) in highway use. (Outside...
  2. A4, S4, A5, S5, RS4, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B9)
    This is pretty interesting. Audi has revealed a new evolution of 2.0 TFSI engine using Miller Cycle technology. Typically a Miller Cycle uses a supercharger, but Audi instead uses a turbo. They say the engine is bound for first use in the B9 A4. PRESS RELEASE: Source Audi Audi presents the...
  3. A3, S3, RS 3 (MQB, 8V)
    Will and I went down to APR a few weeks ago to sample some of their latest creations. Though I didn't drive the S3 (above) because it wasn't there, I did get to take a spin in their new Golf R, essentially the same engine/transmission/AWD setup as the S3. Will ran a first hand account of the...