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  1. GTI 337/20th Anniversary/Jetta GLI Forum
    I recently bought what I thought was a normal 2002 gti. Insurance is trying to tell me that it is a 337 and when I do a VIN search it also shows up as a 337, but I am almost certain that it is not. It doesn't have the special seats, wheels, body kit, steering wheel, shift knob, or anything. Not...
  2. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I have a 2002 Jetta 4-1984 2.0L. The spark plugs were replaced in June 2021 and oil change last week. However, I was driving up a shaky dirt road incline when I suddenly had trouble accelerating. The acceleration was jerky and after I parked and turned the car off, the real trouble began. I...
  3. Cabriolet
    I recently bought a 2002 Cabrio and I found that this tube isn’t connected to anything. I looked around the area where it was headed and didn’t find anywhere it could connect. The end is flared like it was connected before. Any help would be appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results