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  1. CC
    I need AT Transmission (code: MSX) for 2012 VW CC. my Q is why you can’t swap other code transmission to your cc? Just wondering … MSX is very hard to find.
  2. CC
    Is this possible ? I have a 2012 CC with a broken timing chain and I’ve been told by many ppl to just place in a another engine. My uncle has a 2014 1.8 CPRA he is willing to give me for 500. Is this good ? or is it not possible to make this work ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Jetta VII
    My 2012 jetta has a 1.8 liter engine. I didn't think that this engine was offered in 2012. Is it engine swapped?
  4. Tiguan (PQ35)
    Hi all, I've installed an Android headunit into my car, and it works fine, however, when I press the voice activation button, my digital display above my steering wheel will change from showing my KM/H, to instead showing "Voice Asssistant Activated" or something. This is really irritating...
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    To celebrate the fact that race cars haven’t been legislated into oblivion, we present to you our Find of the Day: a real life race car. No, really! These two Jettas raced in honest-to-God competition and did well. Last year the touring cars got four podiums in the Pirelli World Challenge (a 1...
  6. Advertiser Archived Topics
    We are still offering this incredible deal on an OEM Navigation unit for your VW Shipped price is for anywhere in the continental US. This unit is a perfect upgrade for your Volkswagen. This Nav unit and Antenna are plug and play for most current model VW's. This navigation unit is...
  7. Waterfest® 22
    Hello Everyone, Privat Wheels is currently seeking vehicles for our booth at Waterfest 18. If you have a sweet ride and would like to be considered, please send us an email to: [email protected] Please provide us with images of your vehicle(s) a current list of modifications and...
  8. A3, S3, RS 3 (8P)
    See the newly updated AWE Tuning A3 2.0T Product Catalog to see what parts are available for your 2012 A3. The TSI K04 Turbo Kit, G.I.A.C. Software, AWE Tuning Pedal Sets - this catalog has everything you need to unlock your A3’s performance. Have questions, or can’t find what you are looking...
1-8 of 8 Results