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  1. Tiguan (MQB)
    I am in search of a (high quality/aesthetically pleasing) black tow hook for the front number of my 2020 Tiguan SEL. I have been searching all of the internet for one and am not finding what I am looking for. Have only come across cheap ones or not the color I am looking for. Thank you in advance!
  2. Passat (B7)
    Hello Everyone, I am having an issue with my 2020 Passat I've owned it for a year and a half now, and it has 20K kilometers on it. but now I am having an issue where the rear left passenger side makes a ticking noise while driving over bumps or uneven surfaces. I took it to the dealership and...
  3. Golf/GTI VII
    I’m a new GTI owner and to this thread. Not sure when VW decided to change the manufacturing of the metal studs (?) that go into the the rubber grommets that stabilize the downpipe, but they were super difficult to get off. (See attached pictures) I was dumbfounded because I was thinking it...
  4. Jetta VII
    Hey, Can anyone reccomend any specific shirt throw shifter kit for the GLI? Recently got a new 2020 GLI and want to make a few mods without totally ruining my warranty. ...also is there anything to do about the awful rev hang ? Thanks!
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    Despite countless news items and the combined will of the VW community, we have the sad duty of reporting that the Volkswagen Golf R400 will not go into production. The project was championed by former R&D chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser, but the project has been canceled following his departure...
  6. Volkswagen News Blog
    CEO affirms investment plans for Chattanooga on eve of Detroit Auto Show Group posts solid delivery figures for past year Winning back trust most important task in 2016 Ongoing constructive dialog with US authorities about technical solutions for diesel vehicles affected by emissions issue...
1-6 of 6 Results