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  1. Golf VI R
    I replaced my PCV today. Comparing the old to the new, I noticed the old was missing the little yellow plastic valve. I'm guessing it was not supposed to be like that. It makes me wonder what happened to it? Did it dissolve? Break and end up downstream? Should I be worried about the pieces...
  2. A3, S3, RS 3 (8P)
    Hi Everyone I’m. New to this I had driven my car for couple months now and on cold start have a lot off air sucking in more than normal and a loud tapping like metal hitting metal No codes yet but comes from chain side
  3. Blog
    It seems digging deep within the ETKA parts program has paid off in a number of stories for Spanish language car blog ParaisoMotor this morning. In addition to details about the RS 3 plus and A1 Sportback , they've also stumbled across drivetrain details for the hottest A1 variant we've seen...