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  1. Jetta SportWagen Cars
    Here is a daily project I drive, retrofit galore, engine swap, transmission swap, awd conversion. Interior has been upgraded with various cars (CC, GTI, Passat, GLI, EOS). I have too many cars just like everyone else. Some of the retrofits I have are visible but some can't be seen. Retrofits...
    $11,500 USD
  2. Passat (B6)
    Hello, I just bought a 3.6 b6 Passat and am having a hard time finding ways to increase hp/general performance. If anyone has any advice such as turbo/supercharger kits, or any ways to increase performance I would really appreciate the input. Thank you!
  3. Atlas SUV
    Starting to get P0087 Fuel Rail/Pressure too low. It happens only when I really hammer down on the throttle. For starters, does anyone know where the fuel filter is, or is it apart of the fuel pump?
  4. VAG-COM Diagnostic Forum
    Hey all, I just swapped a 3.6 vr6 to my '06 GTI and I'm running into a couple issues at the moment. 1. When attempting to code the ECU to 0000072 (FWD, manual trans), I get "Error 31: Request out of range - Coding Rejected." 2. The ABS module does not want to communicate with the ECU The ECU...
  5. 3.6l 24v VR6 Forum
    I’ve already done full borla exhaust and 24mm rear sway bar. Looking to get Rhine wheels and get them coated in black.
  6. Golf II & Jetta II
    So i got this 1985 mk2 gti with a lightly tuned 3.6 vr6 in it just wondering my o2j With a lsd has chosen it don’t what to be a transmission anymore just wondering if it whould be worth going with a o2m and finding lsd to go with it or whould it be worth just getting a built o2j and one more...
  7. Atlas SUV
    I am in the market for a new 2021.5 Atlas SEL-Premium w/ 4Motion - I drive quite a bit for work but this will be our main family rig. We live in western MT and drive mountain passes regularly, usually the two-lane variety where passing is a must. Overall breakdown is probably more 60/40 highway...
  8. The Volkswagen Lounge
    what can make my timing stuck at -10 degrees on exaust side?all interns are new,im going crazy to fix this. getting 1 code only on check engine and its mass air flow changed it but still no change i think i have a electrical problem but plug for mass is not original they re-did the plug maybe...
  9. 3.6l 24v VR6 Forum
    I am having a very strange issue. The initial issue was that I had a broken timing chain guide. I took the engine out and replaced both timing chains, both tensioners, all the guides, and the oil pump sprocket. After reassembly, I now have no oil pressure. (Also, worthy of note, I got a code...
  10. Golf VI R
    Back in 2008, HPA pushed the envelope with the twin turbo conversion, swapping the standard 3.2L VR6 with the US-packaged Passat 3.6L VR. These FSI engines were converted to MPI and mated to a modified DQ250 DSG gearbox. Testing at the Texas Mile proved that the 3.6 twin could make over 700 HP...
1-10 of 10 Results