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  1. Midwest Cars
    Hello all! I owned a 90 VW Corrado G60 from age 17 to age 24 - joined the Air Force and it unfortunately sat without any love and care so I figured it would do better with someone who had time with it. I am now 27 with a little more stability and fidelity in my current profession and am...
  2. Blog
    Europrice has posted a photo on their facebook page of a new car purchased by one of their customers. B5 S4 fans will likely guess the color name immediately - the legendary Nogaro Blue. Word on the street is that this hue is headed back into production very soon and this car reminds us why...
  3. Blog
    We've added a wave of new photos of the facelifted A4, A4 allroad and S4 range originating from the European launch of these cars in Lisbon this week. All shots of the car out in the wild (i.e. not CGI or overly edited photography), the real find in the mix is that of an S-line Avant. Thus far...
1-3 of 3 Results