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  1. A4, S4, RS4 (B5)
    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong subforum. So I'm a Volvo guy, and just bought a cheap V70 previously owned by a VW/Audi guy. It came with a bunch of parts in bins in the trunk, and as I figured, there were a bunch of VW and Audi parts in there too. I've identified pretty much all of it and...
  2. A4, S4, RS4 (B5)
    Hey everyone, This is my first post here. Not really a forums poster, but they have saved my knuckles and brain cells manyyyyy time. I have a 99 AEB, and looking to get it tuned. Specifically looking for a Maestro Tuning Suite cable that I can buy that comes with or without credits. Let me know
  3. Passat (B5)
    Hello , I have a standalone ecu purchased off of eBay from a seller named andrey-AWD. I've installed said ecu and linked to tubing software. However my throttle body didn't respond at all. Which stopped me from getting it tuned on this ecu. This was a PNP solution for the AEB motor ( stock ecu...
  4. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    For sale is a good condition AEB head. Light rust on the cams from sitting for a bit but good head. It is off of a running car. PM for pics or other questions. $300 shipped. Lower 48 states only. Outside of that message me for a quote.
  5. Passat B5 Cars
    AEB 1.8T. 274,000 miles. Windsor blue, black leather, Rondo rims. Daily driver for my family for 20 years. Original clutch. Spreadsheet available, upon request, of all maintenance records my dad kept and those I had done or did myself. $2000, negotiable. Not pressed to sell. This car has some...
  6. Passat (B5)
    After doing a little research I came across the code for the aeb 1.8t engine p1545 for the throttle body, it does it intermittently and never consistently. It won’t do it for a month then randomly do it, also it isn’t throwing a code with a Bluetooth to phone OBD2 sensor, and I’m not getting any...
  7. Volkswagen News Blog
    Yes, this is a BMW 2002, which has at no point in time ever been made by Volkswagen or any of its subsidiaries.  So why are we featuring it?  Well, the answer to that question is currently lurking beneath this unassuming 2002's hood. Yes, that's an AEB code 1.8T mounted longitudinally...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    For its first two generations, the Jetta was available as a two door coupe.  While the coupes never really got a performance version, that hasn't stopped enthusiasts from creating their own.  This brings us to today's Find of the Day, found right here in our classified section. This Jetta...
1-8 of 8 Results