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  1. Passat (B6)
    I’m going crazy dealing with this car. I have a 08 VW Passat. About a year ago, I took my car to get my front light fixed and ever since then it hasn’t been the same since i got it. I bought it used from someone online. When I got it, it drove super smooth, no problems. Every time I take my car...
  2. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the vw group... thanks for the support in advance! i got a 2016 vw jetta 1.4T (base model) of course, i swapped the seats for leather ones! I got the sets from a newer vehicle that had been in an accident! The seats themselves are mint condition and the airbags...
  3. Air Suspension
    Anyone help please? I Just installed airlift 3p on my mk7 GTI and after I got it set and started driving my dash was covered in error message lights, I got a AIRBAG error light, ABS error light, ADAPTIVE FRONT LIGHTING error? and LOW TIRE PRESSURE(all tires are the same pressure as should be. I...
1-3 of 3 Results