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  1. Canadian Classifieds Parts
    I am looking to buy a pair of front Recaro Sportster CS seats. Colour and condition not crucial as they will most likely be retrimmed. I can get a brand new set for roughly $4500 cad shipped to my door. Needless to say, don’t tell me you have a set for $5k plus shipping.
  2. Golf VII R
    EZT Carbon Edition Steering wheels are now available for MK7 Golf R's Introducing our new EZT Carbon Edition line of steering wheels. Our steering wheels are hand-built OEM+ wheels with enhanced materials and ergonomics We build our wheels 3-5mm thicker than factory all around, to enhance the...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    BFI is back again with yet another limited release. This time they’ve produced only 50 limited edition perforated blue Alcantara shift knobs. Just as before, these all include a signed and numbered card certifying the authenticity of the product and outlining their commitment to quality and...
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    Black Forest Industries has hit their stride in the creation of what is surely one of the most refined lines of aftermarket shiftknobs available. This latest offering takes the GS2 series to the next level with the addition of red perforated Alcantara. This knob feels as supple as it looks in...
  5. Blog
    Our friend Zerin Dube, creator and editor of Speed Sport Life, has just returned from a trip abroad to Germany and has been posting photos all week to his Flickr account. A highlight of the trip, Zerin visited the Audi Exclusive showroom in Neckarsulm and shot some excellent-looking Audis...
1-5 of 5 Results