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  1. Golf/GTI VI
    Help! I recently installed a hitch on my 2019 Golf Alltrack, with a manual transmission to tow very light loads. However, no one can figure out how to install the electrical harness to bring the signals from the brake and turn signals to the hitch for connection to the trailer (which I also...
  2. Mid West
    New to the site. Somewhat new to Volkswagens. I have a 2019 Alltrack and a 2002 Gti. I’m looking to find new vw friends
  3. Golf SportWagen VII
    I am shopping for an Alltrack and have tested 3 in the last 24 hours - a 2017 SE, 2017 SEL and 2019 S. The 2019 S mode button didn't seem to work. The other 2 cars' mode buttons pulled up the driving mode screen and let you choose an option. This one did nothing. I restarted the car, left it...
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    Hoping to pick up my custom order CSG SE in the next two weeks and starting to look for a roof rack for surfboards, bikes, and the occasional trip to the lumber yard. Has anyone installed a roof rack yet on their MKVII? The only rack I can seem to find is the OEM, which I'm not too keen on...
  5. Golf SportWagen VII
    I just attempted to install a set of 53" Thule WingBar Evo and the Evo Raised Rail foot pack on my Alltrack. Unfortunately with the 53" bars the feet are not able to get narrow enough to mount onto the car rails. The bars have a channel on each side on the bottom of the bar that the feet slide...
  6. Golf SportWagen VII
    Hi. Does anyone have a pdf manual or instructions for 5G9071151A base carrier bars for2017 Alltrack? thanks
  7. Golf SportWagen VII
    2018 Alltrack with Auto DSG and 85K miles. Noticing an intermittent noise (clunk!) and brief hesitation when in traffic or at a light and you take your foot off the brake and before you step on accelerator. Gear shift is in Drive and normal or Eco mode selected. Does not seem to happen when car...
  8. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Selling brand new forge lift kit, never been installed. It is the 1.25in kit. Looking for 200 buyer pays shipping, preferred local pick up in the GTA or Peterborough.
    $200 CAD
  9. 5x112 Classifieds
    my rally soft road build can be yours! I never installed lift, and have now had to sell my vehicle to pay off other debts. My loss equals your gain!! Set of four 16” sparco Terra’s mounted to Yokohama Geolandar at 215/60/16. Treads are sitting at 7m, so about 50%. I also have an additional...
    $1,000 USD
  10. Golf SportWagen VII
    After a lot of thinking and weighing options, I've decided to keep my car's stock ride height, and wanted to pick a wheel that would compliment it better than the stock 17" valley wheels that came with the car. I'd like to buy a set of OEM Canyon wheels from an sel car but haven't had any luck...
  11. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    One used good shape Muddy Buddy made by WeatherTech cargo liner for 2015-2021 VW Golf Sportwagen and VW Golf AllTrack. See images for condition, no rips or tears.
    $70 USD
  12. Golf SportWagen VII
    Hi All, I currently have coilovers on my ‘18 Golf SportWagen. I’m hoping to get a little more clearance, so am wondering if anyone has tried using the Alltrack suspension on a SportWagen, and any related info before I dive down that rabbit hole. RadAndy
  13. Golf SportWagen VII
    I own a 2019 Alltrack that was purchased used with only 2500 miles on it. This was a certified pre-owned car from a Volkswagen dealer. I've been having alignment issues where the rear toe is constantly going out and one time actually shredded my rear tires. Some background: Right after...
  14. Golf SportWagen VII
    My Alltrack needed a water pump. The water pump was replaced. After the job was done, the car was fine. However, while I was sitting at idle, my car overheated. As soon as this happened, I stopped the parked, pooped the hood. No smoke, no issues. It seems the fan harness came loose. I turn on...
  15. Golf R (VII) Parts
    $300 Local Pickup San Diego I bought this back in 2019, I’m hoping before these US sites started packaging everything up so nicely! I bought the skid plate on eBay from Europe, and the hardware to install it from FCP Euro. it’s pretty much this kit from ShopDAP, although the skid plate looks a...
  16. Golf/GTI VII
    Just got my alltrack back yesterday from an is20 swap. APR stage 1 reflash, ecs turbo inlet pipe/hose. APR boost tap and gauge. Car already had an APR intake and the stage 1 and dsg tune. Went to start this morning and it won’t turn over. EPC and check engine light on. Also the ignition was...
  17. Golf SportWagen VII
    Thread title basically says it all. I know the Prismas are a common wheel for all tracks, and the only thing that bugs me is how sunk the rears are. I searched but didn’t find threads on this topic, but I figured it has been answered with how common that combo is. thanks in advance!
  18. Golf SportWagen VII
    So I made the error of buying a used Alltrack 2017 with the moonroof, out of warranty. Got a good deal on it, except I discover later that there’s a terrible roof leak issue with these things, and I am a victim. I was on a road trip with it while it rained and the b side pillar and the center...
  19. Golf SportWagen VII
    I posted this in the "What did I do to my Alltrack, today?" thread a few days ago but I thought it would be a good idea to put it in its own post so it's easier to find in case anyone is looking for pictures of the installation. Before installing: Because I don't have a ratchet wrench that...
  20. The Volkswagen Lounge
    My employer is dragging us back to the office in a month, WFH ends, and I’m back to my 150-mile/day (RT) commute from upstate NY to Manhattan. My unbelievably awesome 2017 Alltrack S is at 125K and I don’t want to continue using it as a DD; that would kill it in a year or two. Instead, I want to...
1-20 of 67 Results