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  1. 5x112 Classifieds
    Set of (4) OEM 20” Wheels / Continental Tires. Wheels are in great condition, no bents or cracks. 3 wheels are like new, one wheel has two surface scratches. I have taken a close up picture of each wheel. Tires are Continental Cross Sport LX All Season with 10/32 left. Tires are basically new...
    $800 USD
  2. Atlas SUV
    Starting to get P0087 Fuel Rail/Pressure too low. It happens only when I really hammer down on the throttle. For starters, does anyone know where the fuel filter is, or is it apart of the fuel pump?
  3. Atlas SUV
    Hi I recently had my Atlas in for service where they changed out the infotainment system due to issues with Android Auto. Since then the behavior of the cruise control is different. The car is a 2018 Atlas 3.6 SE. No adaptive cruise control. Before the change, the Resume("Res") and Set...
  4. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hello! I'm new to the VWVortex forum so I'll try to be as informative as I can but here is my ordeal... I have a selection of VW vehicles (Atlas and Golfs all between 2020-22) that I plan on using for a Python/Raspberry Pi project that involves connecting the Raspberry Pi with an OB2 connector...
  5. Atlas SUV Parts
    Get ready for a bug season. I am selling this brand new, taken off the brand new 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Hood Deflector Part # 3CM072195. Mounting hardware and 3M plastic is included, new condition. I have made a safe box to protect in shipping that is lightweight. This contoured deflector...
  6. Atlas SUV
    Folks, just got 2022 SE Tech AWD. The vehicle is well designed but front seats are crazy uncomfortable on long drives, we spent 11 hours in the car on the same drive that we did in Tahoe and in Sienna many times before and did not even feel that trip with Tahoe/Sienna. In Atlas my right side of...
  7. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Does anyone know if there are issues with rear doors of the Cross Sport? Looks like the handles are really rough feeling its kinda hard to open/close
  8. Canada
    Set of OEM 18" VW Atlas wheels and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tires 245-60-18 Original owner with receipts. New in November 2018 Used 3 seasons, less than 10,000kms Includes VW centre caps ($100 value) P Asking $1,000 CAD PM for pictures Tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV M+S and Mountain...
  9. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Are service departments for vw all taking weeks to look at an issue and over a month to schedule appointment? Had an appt to take in ‘19 atlas for the coolant light again. Asking to have it pressure checked instead of only adding coolant. 2 weeks ago experienced electrical issues with multiple...
  10. Atlas SUV
    I took our 2018 Atlas SEL Premium in for service lasr week to address the following: 1. Side Assist was disabled and would not activate 2. Vehicle would not start due to low battery charge 3. Door locks would activate on their own while driving The dealership replaced a malfunctioning door...
  11. 5x112 Classifieds
    Hey guys, Just put new wheels and tires on our Atlas and no longer need these. They’re in perfect shape and have around 10k miles on them. No shipping. Local pickup East Dallas area. $650 OBO Text 4694069449
  12. Atlas SUV Parts
    Hey guys, Just put new wheels and tires on our Atlas and no longer need these. They’re in perfect shape and have around 10k miles on them. No shipping. Local pickup East Dallas area. $650 OBO Text 4694069449
  13. Atlas SUV
    So our lane assist and cruise stopped working on a trip last week. We took the Atlas to VW for service and they said it fell from the mounting in the review mirror. Here's the catch: we have a front facing camera that we bought from Amazon. It suction cups to the windshield and plugs directly...
  14. Atlas SUV
    Can you remove the dead pedal in the Atlas? I have bad knee joints especially the left leg. The higher dead pedal causes the pain. I'd like to remove the dead pedal or at least lower it. Thank you
  15. The Car Lounge
    So, about a week ago, I was absolutely blown away. Why? Because I saw pictures on Burlappcar--a website that has hard-to-come-by facelift photos of very recent China-spec VW products, of the facelifted Teramont; that is China's version of our Atlas. I wasn't fazed much by the exterior as the...
  16. Atlas SUV
    I am in the market for a new 2021.5 Atlas SEL-Premium w/ 4Motion - I drive quite a bit for work but this will be our main family rig. We live in western MT and drive mountain passes regularly, usually the two-lane variety where passing is a must. Overall breakdown is probably more 60/40 highway...
  17. Atlas SUV
    Ok guys call me crazy but I’ve been measuring as accurately as I’m able and I think I can fit 285/50r20s on my oem mejoradas lol I’ll have 10mm spacers on the back. Anybody seen or done this?
  18. Atlas SUV
    Hey everyone. I wanted to get some insight on some issues that I’ve been having with my brand new 2021 Volkswagen Atlas 4wd v6. I bought it back in September 2020. Issues: -I already knew the Atlas had sluggish acceleration and I bought that vehicle accepting that. But I have found the Atlas...
  19. Atlas SUV
    I noticed yesterday while walking out to my car that my side mirror casing had popped off. No damage at all, so dont think anyone hit it. There is a slight crack along the interior flange that is leaving it slightly exposed to the elements. I was able to get the Casing popped back on and...
1-20 of 147 Results