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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    Head of Group Design established common design culture across all brands while retaining creative autonomy of each individual brand Wolfsburg, GERMANY – Walter Maria de Silva (64), Head of Group Design, is retiring with effect from the end of November. De Silva assumed design responsibility...
  2. TT (Mk1, a4 chassis)
    Another part of our TT series are these unearthed drawings from Freeman Thomas' sketchbooks. The one above highlights four models that he envisioned as he began to set pent to paper. The second (below) show the man badges and names considered for the cars.
  3. The Car Lounge
    The head of Audi Design, Stefan Sielaff, discusses the new A3 Sedan Concept making its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show with George Achorn of Fourtitude.com, answering questions from Audi fans on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. R4
    Ingolstadt, GERMANY - It is a functional, rectangular building with a gray facade – a hall like thousands of others in the industrial parks dotting our cities. The only sign of any significant activity is a lone Bavarian flag fluttering on a wooden balcony that seems a bit out of place. This...
  5. The Audi Lounge
    A football is always a football! You can kick an old one around just as easily as a modern one. The same applies to the good old table soccer game. A strong wooden frame, 22 players and of course the traditional green pitch – what more could you need for excitement and fun? The Audi design team...
1-5 of 5 Results