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  1. Volkswagen News Blog
    Volkswagen is entering the second phase of its Transform 2025+ campaign and it might be time for some shiny new designs to show it off, if these trademarks are anything to go off. Filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the logos show three different expressions of a “Way to...
  2. Volkswagen News Blog
    (Herndon, VA) –VW Credit, Inc. (“VCI”), doing business as Volkswagen Credit, Audi Financial Services and Ducati Financial Services, is pleased to announce the planned introduction of Volkswagen and Audi branded lines of automobile protection products, together with a Ducati branded line of...
  3. Volkswagen News Blog
    (San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 16, 2015) – Volkswagen Credit and Audi Financial Services are pleased to announce an agreement with Reliable Auto to introduce enhanced retail financing options in Puerto Rico. The collaboration, effective immediately, will help increase Volkswagen and Audi market...
1-3 of 3 Results