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  1. Blog
    Our buddy Brian McCauley, an Audi brand specialist at Audi North Scottsdale in Arizona, dropped us a note about an Audi R8 GT that's sitting in his showroom. Seems Audi North Scottsdale had an R8 GT allotment that's not spoken for. Even better, the car was ordered through Audi Exclusive in a...
  2. R8 (All Generations)
    Our friend Brian McCauley at Audi North Scottsdale was kind enough to share these pics of an Audi Exclusive ordered Imola Yellow R8 that arrived at his dealership in Arizona this week. Last time we toured the R8 factory, they told us that most R8s built are built in neutral colors such as grey...
  3. Blog
    We've seen Garnet Red Pearl Effect on Audis before, often Q5s. Still, this is the first R8 V10 we've seen in the hue and we like what we see. This particular car was just delivered at Audi North Scottsdale and these iPhone pics were sent to us by Audi brand specialist and former Fourtitude...
1-3 of 3 Results