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  1. 5x112 Classifieds
    I have a set of Austins for sale (local pick up only, no shipping). They have some cosmetic wear, including some curb rash on two of the wheels and light scratches on some from snow chains. The tires are well-worn with little life left, although they should be fine driving off on them. The...
  2. 5x112 Classifieds
    I'm currently in the military and had one of wheels crashed into and had no luck finding the culprit. I'm pretty much forced to buy a new wheel and tire so I was hoping if anyone in here could help me out by having one I could buy and ship to Yorktown VA.
  3. 5x112 Classifieds
    Posting curbrashed austins from 2019 GTI S Might keep for winter setup no rush to sell
  4. 5x112 Classifieds
    I have the OE 18" Austin wheels for sale. Curb rash on most wheels, as well as a gash through the spoke on one from getting side swiped. Wheels were painted black by the dealer before I purchased. Paint is starting to flake around rim. Tires are a mismatched pair. 2x Hankook Ventus S1 Noble with...
  5. Audi Sport
    First-time Goodwood Revival visitor Tom Kristensen won the opening instalment of the ever-popular St Mary’s Trophy race. The eight-time Le Mans victor triumphed by some ten seconds aboard Nick Naismith’s Austin A95 Westminster but his success was far from assured early on. Pole-sitter Patrick...
1-5 of 5 Results