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  1. Golf R (VII) Parts
    I'm selling my AWE Switchpath exhaust. I had it on the car for two years. Everything is in great shape, the valves open and close with no issues via the OEM controls. Buyer pays shipping. Here's a link to a lot more pics: Exhaust Pics
    $1,700 USD
  2. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hey guys I want to do some changes to my 2017 Jetta gli. I want to start with a performance exhaust. I have decided to go with awe. However I am between the track edition catback exhaust and the touring edition catback exhaust. I am leaning more toward the track edition however I am concerned it...
  3. Golf R (VII) Parts
    AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust for MK7.5 Golf R - Diamond Black 102mm Tips no remote was on the car for 2 years, $1500.00 Orlando FL, prefer local, trading the car in.
  4. Golf V & Jetta V
    One thing that's pretty cool is to have owned a 2006 GLI with AWE to the max on it... and then 14 years later working in Marketing for AWE. It's such a cool, full-circle experience. Sappy life goals aside, we have a pretty solid suite of products for your Jetta MKV's ready to rock!
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    AWE announced today the release of their new exhaust for Audi's Mk3 TT RS. “The RS3 was our biggest Euro launch in the last 12 mos, and the TT RS will follow suit. What’s better than a 2.5L TFSI power plant? A 2.5L TFSI with an AWE exhaust, of course. We’ve woken this rocket, we’re excited for...
  6. Volkswagen News Blog
    In response to the heavy-handed changes to California Assembly Bill 1824, and in defense of their loyal enthusiast consumer-base, several top brands in the performance automotive aftermarket have banded together. An amendment to California Assembly Bill 1824 was proposed in June of 2018 by...
  7. Volkswagen News Blog
    AWE announced today the release of their new exhaust suite for the VW MK7.5 Golf R. “The success of the MK7 Golf R made updating the system to a MK7.5 configuration a no-brainer. Our heritage in Volkswagen dates back to our founding in 1991, and we’re excited for this next page of the AWE...
  8. Volkswagen News Blog
    AWE announced today the release of their new exhaust suite for the VW Mk7.5 GTI 2.0T. "AWE and Volkswagen performance have always been joined at the hip. 1991 brought us our first, and almost three decades later the AWE VW line lives on with the MK7.5 - we are proud to be supporting this...
  9. Volkswagen News Blog
    AWE announced this week the release of a new carbon fiber intake line called  “AirGate”, starting with the new MQB AirGate™ Carbon Intake for VW and Audi MQB vehicles. The products feature a unique “convertible” design that allows user-changeable sound and performance levels. “VW and Audi...
  10. Volkswagen News Blog
    Last week we featured Sead Causevic's story about building a Mk5 Jetta GLI and racing it at Pikes Peak. Although the car didn’t make it all the way up the hill (the clutch casing on his DSG gearbox failed) it was still an epic build. And epic builds require a lot of thought, time, trial, and...
  11. Volkswagen News Blog
    With the continued goal of bringing the finest products + performance to their customers, AWE Tuning announced that USP Motorsports has become an AWE Tuning Level 3 Premium Stocking Dealer and Distributor. "USP and AWE have a long history together. This most recent evolution of the relationship...
1-11 of 83 Results