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  1. Passat (B5)
    Hello about 6 months ago we attempted to change the thermostat housing on me 2002 Passat wagon 1.8t. I attempted to remove the thermostat housing screws without disconnecting the battery; it had sparking at me Allen wrench which I was using. I disconnected the plug from the back of the...
  2. Passat (B5)
    so, i got a microsquirt ECU for my Passat, but i was about to get started when I realized i didn't know what any of the wires go to, does anyone have the wiring diagram? thank you
  3. Blog
    A wise man once told me to "Buy it Built". You'll earn a hell of a lot of respect and pride when you build your car from the ground up but you'll save a hell of a lot of cash if you buy it built. Often built cars are a total bargain, though we're sure whether this Bonkers B5 RS 4 build qualifies...
  4. Blog
    As the holiday season sets in, we've begun to decorate our annual Virtual Holiday Mantel (VHM). Next to sit on our fireplace is this card from QuattroWorld.com. http://www.quattroworld.com
  5. Blog
    In case you didn't know, there's a large Audi-only enthusiast show in the Pacific Northwest that continues to grow. While we've never attended the Pacific Northwest Audi Expo, our previous experience with Audi-VW shows in the region (WaterWagens and WaterWerks to be specific) has proven to us...
  6. Blog
    It pays to know what you're doing behind the wheel. And though we all like to think we do, you never really know until you're put to the test. Case in point is the Portuguese driver of an Audi A4 in the video below. On a fast highway sweeper and just after passing a car, the driver rather...
1-6 of 6 Results