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  1. Arteon
    Has anyone used a trunk mounted bike rack on a VW Arteon? If so, what was your experience? Can anyone recommend a trunk mounted bike rack for a 2021 Arteon SEL R-line with spolier?
  2. Golf VIII R
    The time is near! (Hopefully) Planning on getting some kind of bike rack and I’m interested in getting the SeaSucker. https://www.seasucker.com/collections/bike Anyone have any experience with this? Or recommend something else they’ve been using? Drawback of the SeaSucker that I see is it...
  3. Jetta SportWagen
    Hey fellas- I'm just finding this forum, so you can imagine my excitement! We bought our '09 TDI 6MT in September '08 and bought the 1st set of OEM roof rails imported to the USA. 68K miles in just over 3 years, and we couldn't be happier! We've hauled road and mountain bikes, skis...
1-3 of 3 Results