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  1. Tiguan (MQB)
    I am in search of a (high quality/aesthetically pleasing) black tow hook for the front number of my 2020 Tiguan SEL. I have been searching all of the internet for one and am not finding what I am looking for. Have only come across cheap ones or not the color I am looking for. Thank you in advance!
  2. 5x112 Classifieds
    For Sale $1400 OEM 2019 Golf R 19 inch Black Pretoria Wheels, OEM Continental tires Approx 30,000 miles on wheels/tires, summers only mostly highway commute Wheels have been straightened....(no visibly noticeable bends (could only see when spun up on machine) ....throughout the summer there are...
  3. Golf IV R32
    Hey Guys, Long story short, I've wanted a Mark IV R32 for more than 10 years. Truth be told, the post below was my friend's car and I'm keen on finding the owner that he sold the car to. Maybe they are on here and maybe they'd sell it? Anyway, it's probably a long shot, but I'm looking...
  4. 20201019_171151.jpg

    Drunken spoiler install from a honda removed after a week
  5. Volkswagen News Blog
    Bentley unveils today the revised Continental GT Speed, raising the bar even further in terms of exclusivity and performance. The fastest production Bentley ever, with a top speed of 206 mph (331 km/h), now delivers even more power and torque, and a striking new Black Edition model joins the...
  6. Corrado Parts
    These were repaired and modified to receive 6.5" speakers. Bottom crack cannot be seen once installed. Great for a suede/leather wrap project. $50 shipped for pair within 48 connected states IMG_3604 by LouisFCO, on Flickr IMG_3605 by LouisFCO, on Flickr IMG_3606 by LouisFCO, on Flickr...
  7. Corrado Parts
    Condition as depicted. Minor items that can be repaired, or would not be seen once installed. Materials in good shape. Comes as shown. $250 shipped within 48 connected states IMG_3608 by LouisFCO, on Flickr IMG_3613 by LouisFCO, on Flickr IMG_3612 by LouisFCO, on Flickr IMG_3616 by...
  8. Corrado Parts
    Bottom shifter surround. Transmission tunnel cover, top and bottom. Good condition. Lower surround has holes from previously mounted Passat cupholder. Upper trans tunnel cover line up guides cracked. Lower trans tunnel cover has one broken retaining tab. $60 shipped to 48 connected states...
1-8 of 8 Results