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blow off valve

  1. The Volkswagen Lounge
    I have a ‘17 gli I already have chip tune and i wanted fo put blow off valve and cold air intake but i wanted to make sure everything will be running good with keeping the same stock exhaust...i dont want my idle to be loud, thanks
  2. GTI 337/20th Anniversary/Jetta GLI Forum
    Recently bought a CTS Blowoff for my 2013 GLI (Unitronic Stage 1+) and I could not get it to work correctly. First of all, the directions given by CTS are the worst and there’s no luck when you try to contact their installation line. With some help, managed to get it put on with all vacuum lines...
  3. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hey new here. sorry if this question is asked a lot but I couldn't find any forums about it. I'm looking for a cheap blow off / diverter valve. I just want it to be louder and sound better that's my only goal. By my understanding the stock valves can leak or go bad pretty quick? my car has about...
  4. The Car Lounge
    In this video we go over the basics of how a blow off or diverter valve works and what their function in the system is.