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  1. Golf VIII R
    There have been some threads talking about G-Locs, but their website is useless, and wanted to pulse the forum to see if anyone was aware of anything else that is available or about to be. TIA
  2. Brakes
    I just went to my local shop and they put on new brakes and rotors for me only on the rear. I there has been a small noise when breaking but i assume it’s the bedding process. Are these scratches normal part of the bedding process or is there something wrong?
  3. Brakes
    2010 GTI My left front caliper seized and caught on fire while driving on the highway. I replaced the caliper, rotor, wheel hub, brake pads, and brake hose line. Flushed the brake fluid. Seemed to fix the problem. A week later right rear caliper seized. I replaced the caliper and the pads. Car...
  4. Corrado
    Greetings all. Can anyone please point me to a brake flush how-to for a '92 SLC? With ABS. Thanks, TT
  5. Brakes
    Hi guys, i have a soft pedal problem so i changed main cylinder (brake pump) and ABS but its the same. I had a problem with my rear left brake caliper, its stuck and i take down to change main O ring seal on the cylinder and now its working i also changed all brake pads but i can't figure out...
  6. Brakes
    Hey guys, I have a mk6 Jetta 2.0 TDI. I've had the car for about 2 months and it has around 400k clicks. I daily drive it and put a **** ton of km on the car. Recently I've had problems with my brakes. I was driving one day and as soon as I came off the highway my car starts to slow down and my...
  7. New Beetle & New Beetle Convertible
    I have a 2006 2.5L New Beetle and need to do a brake job on it. The problem I’m having is what size rotors go back on the car. I have done a internet search and come up with both size the 280mm and 288mm for the car. My question is, Which size dose the car take? Also dose the vin number tell you...
  8. Golf R (VI) Parts
    Set of front and rear HP Plus, great track day pads that work well on the street. Brand new in box. Paid 230 on tire rack. $200 + shipping
  9. Golf VI R
    Well this was a fun discovery. I ordered a new set of pads and rotors for my MK6 R. I ended up going with APR Rotors (OE Replacement size) and EBC Red Pads. I swapped them out, but when I tried to go for a test drive, it was locked up and couldn't back out of the garage. After taking a closer...
  10. Golf II/Jetta II Parts
    For sale: pair of rebuilt rear brake calipers for Mk2 cars. Bought of eBay, ended up not needing them. Never mounted. $80 plus shipping for the pair.
  11. New Beetle & New Beetle Convertible
    My daughter's 2001 Beetle (2.0L 4 cylinder, AVH engine, automatic trans) needed a new A/C compressor so I swapped it out last weekend. It ran fine all week and yesterday, I took it to a good mechanic I know to have him get the PAG oil and R134a done right. The A/C initially worked but then cut...
  12. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hi, I have recently engine swapped my golf 4 from a 1,6l BCB to a 1,8T AGU, and I saw that the check valves on the brake booster is a little different. This is the one from the AGU: And this is the one from the BCB: As you can see, the AGU one has an extra "outlet" (don't know what it is...
  13. Passat (B7)
    Hi guys, I hope you're having a good day. I was thinking to change front brake rotors & pads, since it's vibrating while braking. I've checked so many options online and I'm a little bit confused. Can you guys recommend me a front brake set/combination for around $200? Thanks a lot!
  14. CC
    I bought my CC with about 75k miles on it. I had to soon after replace the brake pads and I did it at the dealer, so I’m guessing I’m running on the stock ones right now. I’ve only put in about 10-12k miles on these pads. They fade when braking hard and I read it’s a common issue. I wanna fix...
  15. Volkswagen News Blog
    One of the problems with very strong materials is that they’re hard to work with. Say, for instance, that you wanted to make a brake caliper out of titanium. Until now, that’s been nearly impossible, because milling all of the little channels from a titanium block has been impossible. Now...
  16. Corrado Parts
    In excellent condition, just need to be cleaned. Nothing crack, broken or bent. Fits G60. Passenger side will fit VR6, not driver's side. $65 shipped within 48 connected states IMG_4048 by LouisFCO, on Flickr
  17. Volkswagen News Blog
    ECS Tuning engineered 2-piece semi-floating rotors offer real world benefits that can be felt on both the street and track! Combining the advantages of weight savings and rapid heat dissipation to provide a rotor superior to stock while reducing braking temperatures and extending component life...
  18. Volkswagen News Blog
    Product Page After years of research, testing and competitive analysis, APR is pleased to announce a technical partnership with Brembo; the world’s foremost leader in upgraded brake systems! Brembo has consistently offered uncompromising solutions that harmoniously mesh with APR’s performance...
  19. Volkswagen News Blog
    ECS Stainless Exact-Fit brake lines drastically increase brake pedal firmness, better resist chemical and heat degradation and are made to fit your vehicle without compromise using factory clips and attachment points.  Exact Fit Hose Construction The core of an ECS Tuning Exact-Fit line is...
  20. Brakes
    High Performance Brake Kits HPA is pleased to offer its High Performance Brake Kits for Mk4/Mk5/Mk6 VW and Audi TT/A3 applications. The HPA Brake Kits are designed in conjunction with BAER Brakes and proudly made in the USA. Key Design Elements: Wheel Fitment: Unlike most Big Brake Kits...
1-20 of 45 Results