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  1. Cabriolet
    Hi everyone! I just got my AC compressor and received drier replaced in my 1990 Cabriolet. Another detail is that the mechanic replaced the belt to the compressor with a larger belt, saying that the belt I had on didn’t fit (which is weird because the ac compressor is supposed to be a direct...
  2. Cabriolet and Cabrio Parts
    Price is not $1 I honestly don’t know a fair price. I’ll have pictures up shortly. I have a full clipper kit from a 92 cabriolet I believe the color name is green pearl and it’s all complete in good condition minus one rear flare needing repaired and the whole kit could use some good body work...
    $1 USD
  3. Cabriolet
    Looking in my engine bay, I see this. Any ideas on where it should go? It seems to come out of the firewall, below the clutch where I can't see. To note: -I am missing my factory air box -all three of my center cluster triple gauge panel gauges and lights stopped working one day after someone...
  4. Cabriolet and Cabrio Cars
    2001 VW Cabrio, Super Clean, Garage Kept, 79,287 miles, or 3,775 per year. No rust, no dings, clear title, Lots of new parts, including new brakes (rotors and pads), timing belt, new tires, new 16" wheels. $8,700 OBO Call 440-667-4608
    $8,700 USD
  5. Cabriolet
    I have a 92 cabriolet I've had a headache with the last week or so and I cant seem to figure out what is wrong. It has a rough surging idle and and would cut engine power around second gear, all electric worked just didn't fire anymore. Id let it sit for about 5-10min and it would start again...
  6. Cabriolet
    So where can I find a good disaster proof cupholder at? Anyone have any good diy solutions or cheater solutions? I know they make universal options and what not I just want it to look like it was supposed to and not just slapped on whatever spot it fits and is not in the way.
  7. Cabriolet
    Something is making this horrible noise when I turn my AC on. I don't know if it is a squeaking belt or my compressor, or something else entirely. I have uploaded a video of the noise here, had to turn it off quick because of the neighbors. : Horrible AC Noise Any help is always appreciated...
  8. Cabriolet
    First off I'm "new" to the vw community. My dad had an mk1 rabbit and I loved it so I started looking for one myself and stumbled across a great deal of a 92 cabriolet I couldn't say no too, So I bought it. I knew it didn't run but with my past common sense knowledge of a an engine it seemed...
  9. Cabriolet
    I am trying to remove the center plastic to get to the gear shifter bulb holder so that I can replace it, but I’m unsure how to remove the knob/handle on the shifter. It looks like there is some spring in this hole on the side opposite of the button. Any help is, as always, very appreciated...
  10. Golf I & Jetta I
    I’m trying to find anybody who might have any of these pieces laying around for sale! My biggest search is for 3 and 4, I can get 2 just about anywhere, but anything anybody has might just come in handy, thank you.
  11. Golf I/Jetta I Parts
    I am looking to buy a cap for the screw on the left side of the grill on a 1990 Cabriolet. The part number is 155-853-125 . If anyone has one or any alternatives to it just let me know, the price I entered was just a placeholder! Thank you!
  12. Cabriolet
    Hello, Updating a previous post with a more specific part number. Im looking for the below part for my 2000 cabriolet. thinking other year models may work as well? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Clark
  13. Cabriolet
    Hi all, Looking to replace the charcoal canister and motor on my 2000 vw cabriolet. They have discontinued the part and it's becoming difficult to find online. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully she can live for another summer with the top down. Thanks, Clark
  14. Cabriolet
    So I’ve stumbled upon pretty much all the bits required for a roof conversion…. I think… My perfectionism forces me to fill all the blanks on the centre console with all the options that should be there. One that isn’t included right now is the power top. I’ve seen some people say that it’s not...
  15. Cabriolet
    I don’t know what to do with my dads 1986 cabriolet that hasn’t moved in years that has terrible interior because of it. From people with experience is it better to try to restore all the interior and top for $2000+ on my highschooler budget. Or rip out the interior and try to make it fast and...
  16. Cabriolet
    My dads cabriolet has been stuck at a mechanic for 8 years who hasn’t been able to find the fuel sending unit it needs. I plan on working on the car myself since the mechanic doesn’t care about it. Does anyone have a 1986 cabriolet fuel sending unit I can buy or know where I can I find one? I...
  17. Midwest Cars
    Hello all! I owned a 90 VW Corrado G60 from age 17 to age 24 - joined the Air Force and it unfortunately sat without any love and care so I figured it would do better with someone who had time with it. I am now 27 with a little more stability and fidelity in my current profession and am...
  18. Cabriolet and Cabrio Cars
    The time has come to let my longtime project car move on to another Cabriolet/Mk1 fan. I've had the car now for 8 years, and spent most of my time with it fixing things, getting it running and putting some cool stuff on it. Unfortunately, the output shaft seals on the manual transmission are...
  19. VW Motorsport
    I Wanna know what is this engine ?First ,i've done some reserch and IT seems like a digi 2 ... Turbo is a turbonetics jw2 .Do some one have a New turbo ?
  20. A4, S4, & RS4 (B6, B7) Parts
    I need new interior for my S4 cabriolet - mine's pretty much destroyed...looking for front and back seats and door cards...my preference is black leather but will consider other colors if in good condition...
1-20 of 89 Results