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  1. The Car Lounge
    I was a noob when it came to automotive and when I dug into this book it really helped me understand the basic principles and some advance principles of cars. I'm not trying to be an infomercial but this book did help me and I think it's worth sharing cause others may want to know about this as...
  2. Cabriolet
    I have a cabrio 99 and when I’m driving it it just randomly beeps. Does anyone know what wrong with it
  3. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hey guys, I’m new to the GLI scene, came from a 2011 Audi A6, 3.0t, loved my Audi, did all the mods I could do to the platform, and after the car was stolen and consequently totaled, I purchased a 2017 GLI. Already started messing around with the car, (intake, exhaust, boost gauge, and tune,)...
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    Apparently the auto market is increasingly looking like an eight-bit grayscale, with the vast majority of new vehicles sold these days finished in a less-than-exciting quartet of colors. That’s according to a report from paint supplier Axalta, which found that an astonishing 77 percent of cars...
  5. The Car Lounge
    Following a successful press conference for the Audi A6 and A6 Hybrid models, Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen answered questions from Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and forum members. Hear what he has to say about the new A6 and future plans for the Audi brand on the stand at the...
1-5 of 9 Results