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  1. 2.5l Inline-5 Engine Forum
    After browsing the forums and searching endlessly online, hear me out. I found a bunch of youtuber commenters saying that had much success with a Cherry Bomb glasspack resonator replacing stock, and then a straight pipe (with bends) going to the exhaust tip. Has anyone tried this? The exhaust...
  2. Golf R (VII) Parts
    Milltek MK7 Golf R Catback exhaust. Non-resonated with polished exhaust tips. Located in Central CT
    $600 USD
  3. For Sale OEM Cat-Back

    Golf V R32 Parts
    OEM Cat-Back up for grabs. Pulled off my MkV R32, no issues with the cat-back, just replaced with an aftermarket one. 100k miles on it, in decent shape. Not really sure what its worth, but if anyone needs one as a replacement, or to go back to a stock look, PM me and make an offer!
    $100 USD
  4. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    I've got a used 3" X-force cat back exhaust for MK7 Volkswagen GTI. No resonator with Varex muffler to dial in tone. Comes with extra hanger and new OEM clamp. All hardware is there. Gaskets are used but in good shape. Controller plugs into 12v outlet and has one key fob to adjust the flap...
    $450 USD
  5. Golf VI R
    Hey, i was looking for catback to increase sound make it more agressive look better Is this exhaust good? https://xforce.eu/ES-VW07-CBS/VOLKSWAGEN/GOLF/2010-2012%20R%20MK%206/2010-2012%20R%20MK%206 -Without Varex option Thank you!
  6. Golf VI R
    Hey, so i recently bought Golf R Mk6 but im not happy with stock exhaust. This sound is just too quiet to me and dsg farts are so small. I want catback with loud sound and awesome dsg farts. Im not planning to tune car so yeah just catback, no downpipe. Also loud idle would be cool. Let me know...
  7. Golf/GTI VI
    I got a mk6 golf 2.5l back in March and now I’m finally to the point of looking for an exhaust. I already got an aem cold air intake and raceland coilovers but I’m not sure what exhaust to get. Does anyone have any recommendations that would fit the 2.5l? I was thinking of maybe just doing a...
  8. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    Purchased new and Installed on NOV 2020 until now... Thinking of going back to OEM and use money toward my audi. I bought this one with resonated, but it is not too quite and not too loud. Sounds good really. 20201101_143143 by Kevin Simms, on Flickr 20201101_143209 by Kevin Simms, on...
  9. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hey guys, I'm in the market for an exhaust and Im having some trouble finding sound clips. I would cut the muffler off, but I don't really want to sound like a tractor. Orignially I was thinking about getting a 42 Draft Designs Hi-Flow Turbo Back Exhuast since I absolutely love the sound of it...
  10. Golf/GTI VI Parts
    Located in NYC, willing to drive! Pm me! willing to pay for shipping as well!.
  11. Jetta VII
    Looking for information pertaining to making a mk7 gti or golf r cat back work on a mk7 gli or would it be a head ache and not worth the money time or effort?? There just arnt any diecent aftermarket cat backs for the gli that dont cost $1500. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Pics and...
  12. Golf/GTI VI Parts
    Title says it all. Hard sell to some, but someone out there is looking for a sleeper, surely. I'm located in AL and can do the swap myself in my driveway, if interested. I will also consider just buying the parts, just trying to skip the middleman. Thanks in advance
  13. Golf R (VII) Parts
    I am selling my used, Milltek non-resonated, valved catback exhaust with cerakote black oval tips,(part # SSXVW260) . It was only on my car for 6 months and is in great shape. $1000.00 which includes shipping. It is boxed up and ready to go. This is for the MK7 R not 7.5.
  14. Golf R (VII) Parts
    This valved exhaust comes with 102mm polished tips & remote. Exhaust is 2.5 years old & needs one valve actuator motor ($90), which is why it’s priced as it is. It’s definitely in good condition, just never used the valve function so I’m buying a race style exhaust. Exhaust was $1700 , remote...
  15. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    Rabbit 2.5L Catback Exhausts are now back in stock! We only have a few of these systems so get your today while it lasts! PM me for details The cost of these systems is $499 and we will give FREE SHIPPING to any orders through the end of the month! <a...
  16. A3, S3, & RS3 (8P) Parts
    FS: APR RSC Catback Fits FSI 2.0T NIB + Used TSI K04 Turbo Kit Sold $849 Buyer pays actual shipping. List is 949+ shipping. RSC™ technology provides sound levels comparable or even quieter than OEM exhaust systems at cruising speed. RSC's™ straight through design minimizes back pressure and...
  17. TT, TTS & TTRS (Mk2, a5 chassis)
    2013 FASTIVUS @Willow Springs International Raceway - Rosamond,CA LINK to Borla Products...
1-18 of 22 Results