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  1. CC
    2010 VW CC 2.0 TSI M/T I recently removed my engine to repair bent valves due to a timing chain tensioner fault. I also upgraded the clutch and flywheel. But I have no idea how to run coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid ect. back through the vehicle correctly once the motor is...
  2. CC
    I need AT Transmission (code: MSX) for 2012 VW CC. my Q is why you can’t swap other code transmission to your cc? Just wondering … MSX is very hard to find.
  3. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hey Friends, I work at Dorman (we make aftermarket car parts) and we’re looking for a 2006-2018 3.6L VW CC/Passat/Touareg for a valve cover try on. We would give you a $500 VISA card to do this try on because otherwise we will have to buy the car and we don’t really feel like doing that. We...
  4. CC
    Ill put this here for future reference. I locked my key fob in the trunk, long story. But this is how you break in. You have to get the bonnet open from underneath, jack it up if needed. This will enable you to disconnect the battery. When the battery gets reconnected you have 1 Min to use a...
  5. CC
    Hello everyone, so I have a 2016 CC R-line, and I’ve been searching the web for an aftermarket set of headlights without any luck finding any. I don’t like all the little LED dtrl’s, and I’d love to find one that had a smooth light ribbon instead. Anybody know of such a thing?
  6. CC
    If anyone is running vogtland lowering springs on a vw cc let me know I want to buy them but there is very little information/pics on them.
  7. CC
    Hi - my CC (on the OEM 17" wheels) goes through tires slowly if you look at the calendar, but quickly if you look at the odometer (I don't drive that much, and I don't misbehave that much). My OEM Contis (if I recall correctly) last a little over 20K miles. My replacement Hankooks have barely...
  8. CC
    Took my 2013 2.0T to an alignment shop to have front bearing replaced. Does the job, picks me up, but says his code reader can't clear the power steering code. THERE WASN'T A WARNING LIGHT BEFORE! I go to leave and the power steering is way tight. Taking it back in the AM but any idea what he...
  9. CC
    I am thinking about getting an APR TCU tune for my VW CC (2.0T, DSG, Stage 1 APR ECU tune) There are countless threads about the improved drivability of the TCU tune, but I really don't have any issue with daily driving on the stock TCU programming right now, I am more interested in the...
  10. CC
    I have a 2014 VW CC with a stage 1 APR ECU tune and I was thinking about getting an APR DSG tune for it, but most of the reviews are for stage 2 AWD cars like the Golf R and Audis. I was wondering if I should get the DSG tune for the CC, I don't really have any issues with normal driving, but I...
  11. CC
    Hi folks. I'm new here. I found a 2010 CC with a manual transmission a couple of years ago and jumped on it. It's my first VW and I've been in love since I got the car. Unfortunately, I've had quite a number of issues. I've put about 5 grand into the car between timing chain replacement, routine...
  12. CC
    My 2014 CC sport (regular stereo, not Dynaudio) has a rattly damaged speaker in the passenger door. Does anyone know how difficult this is? I'm looking to do this myself to save money and I didn't bring my toolkit when I moved so only basic tools
  13. CC
    Is this possible ? I have a 2012 CC with a broken timing chain and I’ve been told by many ppl to just place in a another engine. My uncle has a 2014 1.8 CPRA he is willing to give me for 500. Is this good ? or is it not possible to make this work ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. CC
    I need some help with my 2014 CC Sport. The car has always had electrical issues but I don't want to give up on it. It has been to the shop twice in the past two weeks for unrelated electrical issues and I've run out of money to have it serviced so I want to do it myself. When I shift into...
  15. 5x112 Classifieds
    I just swapped my tires and rims and are looking to part with these. All TPMS are fully functional, and rims are in excellent shape with only a few minor scuffs and scratches. Buyer to pay actual shipping. I will carefully package each rim separately. I expect shipping to cost around $25/wheel...
  16. Mid-Atlantic Cars
    DAMAGED IN ACCIDENT, FIXABLE, MOST PARTS INCLUDED $1500 OBO Clean Title Runs good Moves under its own power (can drive onto trailer) 184,000 miles I fully intended to keep this car, i trusted it to go to 250k miles + no issues for what my opinion is worth. I intended to fix it and keep it but...
  17. 2.0 Liter Engine Forum
    Trying to remove the heater hose inlet from the firewall (the entire fitting that connects the heater hose to the heater core). I’ve removed the one screw between the line going in and out that I can see from the engine side that holds the whole thing in but there is something else holding the...
  18. CC
    Mechanically maintained with new Timing chain, followers and camshaft. Mileage on this car is emperative on how the car runs and drive. Interiror in excellent condition. New set of 4 18” tires. Located in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA
  19. CC
    Hello guys, Can anybody recommend a good mechanic in NJ, I got a fault Code P0491: secondary air injection. I heard that it’s an annoying emission thing Volkswagen uses. Or can a clear the code right before inspection? Or have it deleted from the ecu?
  20. Volkswagen News Blog
    Are you in the market for a stylish sedan that sticks out from the crowd? Our latest Find of the Day will definitely get you noticed. And its beauty is more than skin-deep: it's in great shape with a low asking price. The Volkswagen CC is an interesting model for Volkswagen. This...
1-20 of 68 Results