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  1. Jetta/GLI VI
    I have a stock 2017 jetta gli and want to put a cold air intake and a stage 1 flash tune. I don't want to buy a super expensive intake because i feel like that would be a waste of money. I just want the install to be easy and for it to sound good. Thanks to anyone with a suggestion.
  2. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    From my 2006 GTI, I have this, exactly as shown (momma lost the nuts and bolts): And want to trade it for the circled parts below plus a little cash: LMK what you have, make me an offer. Located in SW Ohio, 45053.
    $75 USD
  3. Golf V & Jetta V
    I recently installed a CTS Turbo cold air intake for my MKV 2.0t jetta Wolfsburg. Not long after the install the engine started acting funny. Rough idle at cold start, a little shaking and my code scanner tool showed code P0303. First checked all spark plugs and replaced them. Cylinder three...
  4. Forced Induction
    Hi guys, I'd like to clean my filter but since I didn't install the cold air intake myself, I have no clue how to procede. Do I have to remove the whole housing or simply the tube?
  5. Golf/GTI VIII
    This is a question for anyone who has changed the air intake on their mk8. Is this mod worth it if I don't plan to tune my car anytime soon? Did you notice any improvement power or fuel efficiency?
  6. Golf/GTI VII
    Maybe you just bought a used Volkswagen Mk7 GTI and are itching to bolt on some mods. Maybe you’ve been waiting patiently for your warranty to expire before going wild. Whatever the case, you picked the right platform. The Volkswagen Mk7 GTI offers an incredible blend of civility and...
  7. Air-cooled
    I recently installed a cold air intake on my 2009 Jetta mk v. And I’ve had it on for about 2-3 weeks now. I haven’t had a problem with it up to this point, I installed it correctly as the directions said. But, now it is beginning to misfire at high rpm and when it does, the check engine light...
  8. Jetta/GLI VI
    This is a bit of a hard explanation. I just installed a cts turbo open box intake into my 2016 GLI. Install was smooth but immediately after, whenever I hit boost I would start hearing a loud squealing sound, no it’s no the turbo whistle or anything, a squeal. I went through and tightened the...
  9. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hey guys! I'm still being stupid and modifying my Jetta and I really don't want to mess with the engine (partially because its simply not worth it) but the thought of installing a cold air intake in the car has been just floating around until now. I just want to get to the bottom of things...
  10. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I'm looking into changing my intake but I've seen some pros and cons between a ram air or a cold air intake, any suggestions?
  11. TT Mk2 Parts
    Selling the tube only. It came with another 034 CAI kit that I bought and was a gen 2 replacement for a cracked gen 1 tube. No cracks, no dings. Nothing but a few smudges from me moving it around my house. Asking $225 shipped, $200 picked up (Atlanta), obo+sh. Original product listing: Audi...
  12. Golf R (VII) Parts
    MK 7.5 cold air intake for sale…$275 Basically new. My R sold and onto the next one. email me for pics and I’m not even sure that I’m in the right place… Via here or classifieds? Any guidance would be helpful [email protected]
  13. Passat (B7)
    Looking to do my first modifications to my 2017 1.8 Passat SE. Want it to perform nicely also get better fuel economy. Any thoughts and or help plz leave below :)
  14. Volkswagen News Blog
    Unitronic® is pleased to release its Intake System for the MK7 Jetta® and MK7.5 Golf/GSW® equipped with the 1.4 TSI® Gen2 engine. This Intake System is a direct bolt-on upgrade which is designed to optimize airflow, improve throttle response, enhance turbo induction sounds, and increase air flow...
  15. Golf V & Jetta V
    Tell me about any aftermarket CAI on my 2.5? Because the stock setup ain’t gone cut it 😭
  16. Volkswagen News Blog
    Salt Lake City, UT- Integrated Engineering has introduced a carbon fiber cold air intake for the MK7  (2015+) GTI, Golf R and Golf. This new intake adds both luxury and horsepower under the hood your car. Unique to IE is the removable sound door. Leave it off to experience exhilarating turbo...
  17. Volkswagen News Blog
    Feed your MK5 or MK6 turbo with a supply of cold air with this direct-fit high-flow intake kit. This intake features a generously-sized inlet pipe that connects to the OE mass air flow (MAF) sensor.  The MAF sensor receives high-velocity air fed directly from a 5" bellmouth. Our high-flow...
1-19 of 37 Results