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  1. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    My 03 GTI has a small coolant leak from the hose that connects to the bottom of the reservoir. It’s leaking but looks like play-do. I use Vaico VA-013 coolant & I flushed the system a little under 6 months ago. I went through an redid all the coolant lines with silicone hoses and aluminum...
  2. Golf V & Jetta V
    So I’m leaking coolant bad from behind oil pan, it happened yesterday when I accelerated ti merge into the highway, steam rose from the hood and left a long trail of coolant all the way home (thankfully only 4 blocks ) hoses look fine. Any ideas of what could be leaking ? Video attached
  3. Passat (B5)
    Hello! I would ask you guys why is my car leaks the coolant on the overflow tube. So the car got -New filters,Oils,Coolant, and Cap for the coolant tank. (VW Passat AVB 2004 101HP) At the moment the termostat doesnt works its open (Cant reach 90celsius but if i can its goes down to 60celsius)...
1-3 of 3 Results