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  1. The Car Lounge
    So after months of agonizing, I have decided to throw caution to the wind and subject the build process (and logic) to The Car Lounge. In an effort to change the ways in which we discuss the modification of our cars, I decided to chronicle the entire process as best I could, but writing journal...
  2. Corrado
    You may remember the last thread I made regarding my Project. In that thread, the idea was simple. One picture, per day, for 30 days, leading up to H20 2011. Suffice to say, additional ideas have come up, so the project continues, but with completion very near. And to celebrate the new year, a...
  3. Corrado
    A picture a day for the next 30 days. No descriptions. No questions answered. Here are the first 5, because I am 5 days behind.
1-4 of 4 Results