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  1. 5x100 Classifieds
    Selling a used set of 15" Corrado Speedlines. I am the second owner of these wheels and they definitely have some wear. These are high-resolution pics, so you should be able to zoom in and see all the imperfections. 5x100, 15", 43et; tires are all 195/50R15. Note: while there is still a lot...
    $250 USD
  2. Corrado
    I have a 1990 g60. Car is getting no power to harness G1/pin 10.-ecu power. All power wires I can see have 12 volts. 12 volts comes into the ecu relay, and out on pin 87. Tried jumper wire. No go. Checked fuse box main ground. No go. Swapped to a new fuse box- same issue. Any input?
  3. NorCal Parts
    I'm moving to a new country for an exciting job opportunity. Need to get rid of my stash of Volkswagen Corrado parts! I love Corrados and there's no way I can let these parts go to the dump! Need someone ASAP to bring a truck, and haul everything away all together. You can sell off what you...
    $400 USD
  4. Corrado
    Spoiler Alert - they love it. Check out the photos too. From the Archive: 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC Tested
  5. Corrado Cars
    Up for sale is my 2nd Corrado G60. Purchased from IL in March 2021, the summary is it is great mechanically, not so great electrically and cosmetically outside (inside fantastic). Rebuilt GLader with less than 1000 miles from Bahn Brenner (with documentation)! Recent oil change and inspection...
    $6,000 USD
  6. Corrado
    Bought a corrado and the guy before messed up all the wiring, was wondering if there's any manual window regulators I can throw in it that would fit even if a lil fabricating is needed.
  7. Golf I/Jetta I Cars
    I have a 1981 volkswagen jetta coupe. It has been complety gutted and sand blasted, only double coated with paint nothing fancy has blemishes, full roll cage, and has spare tire pan cut out and a aluminum fuel cell mounted in its place nicely. Car has tons of parts and is ready to be assembled...
    $6,500 USD
  8. Corrado
    Im relatively new to the VW scene, in the sense that i just bought a rare car that I can't find any parts for... if anyone can lead me in the direction of o2j polo box w the tower id appreciate it!!
  9. Corrado
    I am selling my 93 Colorado SLC red black leather seats , it's mostly parked. Chassy have a 170 K engine and transmission was fully rebuilt approximately 7000 miles ago if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer everything is functioning sunroof AC only thing that dont work is rear...
  10. Corrado Cars
    if this ad is here, the vehicle is still available Reluctantly I’m selling my 1990 Corrado g60 project. I’ve had the car since Feb 2019 and have done a ton of restoration work to it. Highlights: engine was completed resealed. Supercharger was rebuilt by BBM (no miles on the new rebuild. See...
    $3,901 USD
  11. Midwest Cars
    Hello all! I owned a 90 VW Corrado G60 from age 17 to age 24 - joined the Air Force and it unfortunately sat without any love and care so I figured it would do better with someone who had time with it. I am now 27 with a little more stability and fidelity in my current profession and am...
  12. Corrado
    I have a corrado 2.0 16v Manual and I’m not really sure where to get an lsd or what lsd I should use the trans is original and I’m rebuilding the engine. Any help is appreciated,thanks.
  13. Corrado Cars
    Pics Here: 1992: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/MBhfyk 1992 VW Corrado G60 127k Miles The Good: - Car was bought from the original owner by someone who had it for <1 year and sold due to having a baby 3rd owner was a buddy who drove the car less than 500 miles I am the 4th owner of...
  14. Corrado
    My corrado g60 1990 sat for 16 years. Basically what it is doing is it fires up and runs good in neutral, but when I go down the road it feels slow and if I go past half throttle (3k rpm) the car sputters and stalls and or barely runs…once I limp it to a stop and put it in neutral it revs to...
  15. Corrado Parts
    Intercooler removed from a 90-92 Corrado G60. 50$+shipping
  16. Corrado Parts
    Engine control module removed from a former project (2L 16V G60). Located in Quebec, Canada. 450$+ shipping
  17. Corrado
    Have been chasing a bad Boost/Vacuum leak and need some help. MFA reading at idle: 750-840, ISV unplugged its 820 when cold. 750 when warm. (ISV plugged in it has a surging idle). -Stats taken from Help Guide: ( Anything higher than 650 means a possible vacuum leak on the inlet side (From...
  18. Corrado Parts
    I'm in New Jersey and willing to travel. Please send me some pics if you have one.(or know of someone who does) Thanks
  19. Corrado
    I just saved a corrado g60 that sat for sixteen years, and it starts up fine but has lumpy idle and is running extremely rich with black smoke coming out the exhaust, so far I have replaced, misc. vacuum lines, 1 meter ecu line, fpr is working, spark plugs, blue temp sensor, cleaned co pot, new...
  20. Corrado Parts
    [EDIT: SOLD] VW Corrado SLC VRC instrument gauge cluster assembly 96k miles OEM part number: 535919035 Application: VW Corrado SLC VR6 Condition: Tested in good working condition, 96k miles, no broken tabs or mount, lens shows some very minor scratches/wear. Please see all the pictures...
1-20 of 138 Results