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  1. CC
    Just as the title described. have a 2013 vw cc 2.0t that threw the infamous p2015 code. My car is at about 119k miles and I know the extended warranty for the intake only covers me to 120k, so I took it to the dealer right away. They had my car for 19 DAYS before telling me what their diagnostic...
  2. ID Series VW Electric Vehicles
    If you are a Miami-Dade or Broward county VW dealership willing to take an ID4 assignment with the deal to close with: MSRP + Sales Tax + Destination + Docs (tag, title, registration allowance), no dealer fees, no dealer options, no markups ...please respond to this thread with contact...
  3. Golf VII R
    Hi, I have a problem after I brought my car to the Country Hills VW dealership in Calgary a few days ago for my second Haldex Service. I'm hoping folks here who are more knowledgeable can help me out. My car is a 2016 Golf R at 112,000km. I picked up my car a few days ago after the Haldex...
  4. Volkswagen News Blog
    With an area of almost 2,600 square feet, Bugatti’s largest dealership has opened in Dubai. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the center of Dubai, Bugatti UAE is the brand’s most successful dealer in the world and the opening of the new showroom also served as the first event in the Chiron’s tour...
  5. Capital Area
    Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles is the largest VW dealer in the Capital Area and is conveniently located minutes from Volkswagen’s North American Headquarters. Because we are so close to the Volkswagen of America headquarters, we are privileged in receiving the latest brand news/updates as well as...
  6. TriState
    Linden Volkswagen is proud to offer discounted pricing on any New or Pre-Owned vehicle from our inventory for Vortex members. Send me a message with a stock number and we will take care of the rest.
1-6 of 7 Results