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  1. Golf VIII R
    So, I’m installing dynamic center caps (don’t judge me!) on my Golf R this weekend but don’t know how to get the caps off without damaging the rims. I’ve tried duct tape, the adhesive side of outdoor Velcro, and even a spork. What works for you?
  2. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Man I spent $700 with shipping on a tune for my mk4 GTI for a K04 turbo. I sent them everything done on the car and they told me they would make a tune for it specifically. After many days of emails on why the tune wasn’t working I sent it back to them. After I already told them I moved with...
  3. Golf/GTI VII
    Hello, i have imported a Mk7 GTI from USA to europe, and it has been repaired by a 3rd-party as it was a damage car. And the GTI came with the halogen taillights. Right as i received the car i had decided to retrofit original dynamic taillights on the car. After retro-fitting the dynamic...
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    We are proud to announce Dyna Blink turn signals for Mk7 Golf models are now live for pre-order at Urotuning! Features: Plug and Play. Connect to the original plug without changing the control unit. Easy installation thanks to detailed installation instructions. However, the assembly is...
1-4 of 4 Results