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  1. Cabriolet
    I just got a 1999 cabrio and I was told my brake lights were out. I checked the fuse and it was destroyed inside the fuse box. I now don’t know if I need to get a whole new fuse box or is there another way to make my brake lights work by re wiring it. I really need help
  2. Golf III & Jetta III
    I have a 94 Golf cabriolet that is getting a AGU 1.8T put into it. I had to drop the fuse box and disconnect a lot of wires to feed through the wall. Admittedly I have forgotten where they go or if some of these connectors were even used to begin with. Also ABS is throwing codes (possibly due to...
  3. Golf III & Jetta III
    Hello everyone! I’m in dire need of help :) So, I’m installing a new radio in my Mk3 Cabby, a Pioneer AVH-Z7100DAB for whom it may concern. Installing the radio was no concern, the wiring was already prepared by the previous owner who had a simpler radio installed. So I thought it’d be a...
  4. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hi I've got a 2006 Jetta 2.5. Having all kinds of trouble finding the 4 or so fuse box maps. Have a possible misplacement of 1 or more fuses (not by me). Now car won't run. Turns over but wont fire sounds like its starving for fuel and/or spark. So im hoping it's just a fuse but i have no...
  5. The Beetle
    I have a 2019 VW Beetle. Unfortunately, the manual does not have a diagram. It specifically states I need to go to the car dealership for this info. Does anyone have this info? Much appreciated
  6. Interior
    I tried putting an LED bulb in my trunk light however it shorted my interior lights. Does anyone know what fuse needs to be replaced? 2018 Passat R Line
  7. Passat (B6)
    Please I need what is in the Manuel.. my car is running terrible because I have relays and fuses in the wrong spot .. 2006 vw passat 2.0 the date on the car is 07/2005 because I no that matters !
  8. Touareg
    I've recently bought an expensive dashcam for my Touareg and trying to hardwire to the fuse box, however, the manual simply says "At the time of publication we are unable to provide an complete overview of the locations of the fuses for the electrical consumers" and there are virtually no...
1-8 of 8 Results