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  1. Golf III/Jetta III Cars
    Looking for a decently clean mk3 somewhere around the Boise/Utah/Eastern Oregon area Must be a manual No real preference on color Must be an ABA I regrettably sold my old ABA MK3 I turbocharged and would really love another.
  2. Car Purchasing Forum
    Hello! I need advice on what is a better purchase. I only need the car for maybe one-two years then I'll sell it. But which would be more reliable (given good maintenance), a new polo with higher mileage or an older Golf with lower. I'd really appreciate the advice!
  3. Golf III & Jetta III
    I have a 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI 12v VR6 and I was thinking about putting an air intake on but not sure which one I should get. Any help?
  4. Miscellaneous VW Stuff
    Does anybody need mud flaps? It was for my 2017 Alltrack. Here is the part# NPN075025 https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen_2017_Alltrack/Splash-Guard-Kit/67791444/NPN075025.html Here is my photo: I wanted to give it to someone in the VW community instead of Goodwill. Thanks,
  5. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Haven't been on here for ages . So moderators please excuse if i'm not in the "right place " I have a new wheel lock set part # 5Q0 698 137 for sale , these are ones that will work with mostly all models EXCEPT Atlas . $45 priority shipping included .
  6. Golf/GTI VII
    Hey all, just looking for a little advice. I did some more driving today after my stage 1 Unitronic tune was installed Friday. I started noticing that when I used reverse, the car would jerk and lunge almost as if I let out the clutch too fast on a manual but it just keep moving back and forth...
  7. Cabriolet
    I have a 2001 cabrio. I replaced the secondary air pump and replaced the EGR valve. When I start the car cold in the morning the air pump does not come on immediately. After 2-3 min it comes on and rums. The delay is causing a check engine code for secondary air pump. I have check all vacuum...
  8. NorCal Cars
    Hi! I'm looking to get a manual Mk7.5 Golf R! Local to SF Bay Area, willing to travel if it's the right machine. Highly prefer grey, will consider black and white. Hoping it has <=35k miles on it. Let me know if you have one for sale!
  9. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hi all, First post on here 😊👋 I have recently purchased another MK4 golf after my old one got rear ended 😔 Currently in the process of engine swapping it with my old PD130 engine. Unfortunately the new one had got the dreaded MK4 cancer around the boot handle, iv been looking at getting a...
  10. Golf/GTI VII
    I am thinking about purchasing an OBD11 for my 2016 golf tsi, but all the tutorials and modifications I am finding online are for the golf r and gti. Does anyone know if these modifications and changes within the obd11 app which are available to the gti and r are also available for the tsi/golf...
  11. A3, S3, RS3 (MQB, 8V) Parts
    The seats came from a 2015 S3 and the owner of that car bought new racing seats and no longer needed the originals. That being said, all airbags are intact and everything works as it should. Seats are in great condition. $850 not including delivery. I'm located in Westport, CT
  12. Golf II/Jetta II Cars
    Posting this up for a buddy of mine. he told me it runs has low miles and just needs a hood, rad support and grill. His landlord is making him get rid of his future project car. I was gonna buy it from him but I really can’t take it on right now. if it’s not gone soon it’s gonna get scrapped...
  13. 2.0 Liter Engine Forum
    Hey there! I just recently bought myself a 2007 Golf City (Canada exclusive but just a 2.0 NA mk4). had great fun driving it, (despite the anemic engine) for about a week. then my EPC light came on followed by the check engine. scanned the car to be greeted with a P0221 code. The code reads...
  14. Golf VII R
    Had a chance of seeing these 2 cars racing and even though it wasn't the best of races, it was still entertaining to watch! Golf VII has a tune and R400 bodykit, not sure about the R32 but definitely has an exhaust. Check it out here:
  15. Golf II & Jetta II
    I'm considering getting a set of halo headlights for my gti. I have two question 1. has anyone else done it and does it look OK? 2. What diameter should I get?
  16. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    In this era when there are so many car brands and models that can be chosen. It is not easy for a driver to choose a car. Why did you choose to buy a Golf in the first place? Out of what consideration do you chose this car?
  17. Golf III & Jetta III
    Hi,i got GOLF IIV having problem when am driving and hitting 20revolutions its start beeping and oil light showing up...also it happens when i drive more than 80mph if someone know something feel free to help me THANKS
  18. Golf V & Jetta V
    Hello guys, I upgrade standard mk5 steering wheel (img.1) with the steering wheel with paddle shifter (img.2) on manual transmission. I activate the multifunction steering wheel but now I want to ask can I use peddles on the steering wheel for cruise increasing and decreasing speed ? If its...
  19. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    Hey does anyone know where I’d be able to get tube leds like the ones in the picture. I’m trying to make a similar tail light I just can’t seem to find the lights!
1-20 of 490 Results