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  1. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Selling this used 6.5" MIB2 screen from a 2016 GTI Autobahn with 40k miles - The unit works perfectly. The bezel has a couple of broken mounting tabs but it will not affect mounting or function. Black snakeskin finish OEM Bezel. Vents are not included, only what you see in the images. Media...
    $140 USD
  2. Jetta VII
    So this is a weird one and I have been having it for some time now and I am hoping someone else might have the answer for what is going on. At first I noticed for the past year or so my iPhone when I use its GPS it will be out of whack and show me way off from where I was. I thought it was an...
  3. Tiguan (MQB)
    I have home, work, and a few other places saved as favorites. One day they disappared. Since then, if I save a place as a favorite, the Navi system will lose it upon power off/on. Next time I start the car, the favorites are gone. Any insight into this?
  4. Golf SportWagen VII
    I'll go first; my fav is GAIA mapping app on iphone, holds position out of cell range as well as Tom Tom, maps and overlays too many to mention, but highly useful soft roading, over landing...can swap from Apple map back and forth with a touch on MIB side bar... Who needs crappy vw nav unit...
  5. A4, S4, A5, S5, RS4, RS5, Q5, SQ5, (B8)
    recently just got a 2011 a4 avant. id like to get android auto. anyone do so with success. I see some kits on Amazon the utilize oem controls and screen but id realy like a touch screen. found another company that makes one that comes with a touch screen but says its for a 13+ but my car has the...
  6. The Volkswagen Lounge
    Hi guys! Recently, I've just bought a 2017 Touareg and I live in a bad named neighborhood. 2 days ago I saw two guys staying near the car looking inside and trying to open the door, but they left when I approached them. So, I can't install a camera that can film the car and I also don't have any...
  7. Atlas SUV
    I just bought a 2021.5 Atlas SEL Premium, and have been having major GPS problems with wireless CarPlay. When starting a route, Google Maps and Apple Maps freaks out for the first few minutes, thinking the car is 100 feet or more away from where it actually is. Once we get going (after, say, 3...
1-7 of 8 Results