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  1. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    Ship to US continental.
    $15 USD
  2. Passat B7 Parts
    Set of factory headlights that came off a 2013 Passat. I replaced the factory halogens with a xenon kit from deautoLED. I later decided to upgrade to some aftermarket headlights and have since sold the car. Need to get these out of the garage. They’re in really good shape, with no noticeable...
    $200 USD
  3. CC
    I'm looking for a good Euro headlight switch that can be in the AUTO position and pulled OUT for fog lights at the same time. I want to be able to have the fog lights come on when the automatic headlights are triggered. I bought an OEM-like switch off of Amazon in February for my 2013 CC, and it...
  4. Golf II/Jetta II Parts
    Looking for the Hella headlight covers for the inner 5" lamp of the quad round grille, image is attached. Will pay $20 but open to negotiation depending on the condition (brand new they go for around $40).
  5. Car Audio and Electronics
    The U.S. regulators of such issues have OKed European adaptive headlights :cool: Most top-line Audis already have them, but the features need to be turned on...Has anyone encountered the instructions for doing so? I'll take a look thru my VAD handheld to see what, if anything, is available...
  6. TT Mk1 Parts
    i want to experiment with various lens defogging solutions before trying one out on my car. it only matters that most of the lens is intact. prefer local pick up in south central PA area.
  7. Golf/GTI VI
    Hey everyone.I have a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. I have boughten a a pair of high and low beam Phillips h7 led bulbs. And is my understanding that German cars need to make everything harder than is needed to be. I know I need the extra adapter clips so the bulbs stay in place in their socket. Does...
  8. Golf/GTI VII Parts
    Looking for 2017 Mk7 GTI lighting package HID headlights.
  9. Golf/GTI VI
    Hello everyone! problem with my AFS system on my 2013 GTI. There was an issue with my right headlight harness (about 7 chewed through wires) and i managed to fix it by soldering them all and have confirmed that all the headlight features work except for my AFS and a slight issue with my DRLs...
  10. Golf/GTI VII
    Hi guys, I have a 2014 Golf Highline (Variant / Estate) that has been in a deer crash and that caused the right headlight to smash into pieces. The car's perfectly fine now and has new headlight and bulbs (with old AFS module) but the new headlight doesn't auto level at all when starting (left...
  11. Jetta VII
    Just got a used basic 2019 Jetta S, and as shown in the attached pictures, the left headlight seems to be pointed significantly lower than the right. This can't be intentional right??? According to the manual I can't adjust it, I gotta call a dealership blah blah blah. Any input/advice? In the...
  12. Golf/GTI VI
    I'm looking to upgrade the headlight housings on my tdi to the ones that come stock on the mk6 gti. Does anyone know if there's any modifications i need to do or if they're a direct swap? Also wondering the same thing about the plaid gti seats.
  13. Lighting
    I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for a distributor that sells me full led headlamps. Please get in touch
  14. Car Audio and Electronics
    2010 Volkswagen GTI Replaced my CECM cause my Drls was stuck on when the car was off... Fixed the issue but now the low beam is acting like the DRL and not the actual DRL led strip. DRL led strip turns on if the headlights are on, the on position. Seems to be a coding problem. When I go on...
  15. Jetta VII
    Hello guys. Is there anyone that already saw this kind of problem? I have a jetta VII and the headlight makes a lot of noise when you ride paving stone. I noticed that when you go in front of the jetta and gave a little punches in the headlights, It just vibrate inside the headlight. It make a...
  16. Golf IV/Jetta IV Parts
    Hello VW lifers, Standard Set of OEM 337 factory headlights with fogs- were switched out within a year of owing the vehicle- this set has sat in a box in my garage for over a decade, switched them out for angel eyes which went with vehicle when sold - these go for over $200 each on ECS tuning...
  17. Lighting
    Hello all, Standard Set of OEM 337 factory headlights with fogs- were switched out within a year of owing the vehicle with angel eye headlamps which went with the vehicle when sold - this set has sat in a box in my garage for over a decade - these go for over $200 each on ECS tuning. Lenses have...
  18. Golf V/Jetta V Parts
    For sale is an assortment of headlight parts. I started buying the parts for a headlight project I never finished. I wanted to change the inner, non-projector section of the headlight to a dummy projector for a quad projector set up. The inner headlight parts were professionally painted & the...
  19. Tiguan (MQB)
    Hi, i'm new to this. But i want some helps. I bought a pair of Signature LED, they are oem. I bought also their ECUs. I need someone to show me, wiring diagrams of LED headlight, and coding process. Thank you all first, and sorry for my bad english, because i'm not native but i'm an albanian guy.
  20. Cabriolet
    I am trying to replace the bulbs in the inner headlights with new H3 bulbs, but I’m not understand how I undo these clips in order to replace the bulbs. Sorry for such an amateur question, I am new to working on cars, but I’m trying to learn. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be in the Bentley...
1-20 of 31 Results