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  1. Tiguan (MQB)
    Hey, I have done some searching and unfortunately couldn't find the answer in the forums, hopefully I haven't missed anything. I want to install the helix sub in a 22' tiguan ( non fender system / non 4motion ) I know the current Helix is more or less designed for >2020 year because of the...
  2. Car Audio and Electronics
    I recently purchased a 2021 VW Tiguan SE R-Line. I love this car in every way except the audio sound quality. I have been looking into adding a sub to accommodate for the bass. I am a little overwhelmed as of which direction to go. Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or recommendations...
  3. Golf VII R
    Hey guys, in need of a little advice. Bought a used helix sub and thought it came with everything I needed for the install. As it turns out I’m missing the 2 small wiring harnesses shown in the pic. I’ve heard some people haven’t used them but I’m unsure of the work around. If anyone knows where...
1-3 of 3 Results