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  1. 2.0T FSI, TSI, and TFSI (EA113) Engine Forum
    I have a stage 2 mk6 gti and I did a pull and heard a clunk My bolt snapped on my dogbone mount connecting to the trans and now my engine is about a inch off from being aligned with the dogbone engine mount hole and i reverse threaded the bolt out but now i can't get the holes aligned any tips?
  2. Passat (B7)
    So I just installed some really nice LEDs today and everything went smooth everything works as it should but about 10 mins after the light on the dash came on saying I had a light out. So I checked all my lights and then went back and made sure the new bulbs were installed properly and working...
  3. Golf/GTI VI
    I'm working on a my 2011 GTI that's having issues with its front passenger window, and it seems like the issue is either the motor or the regulator. Window rolls down fine, but when trying to roll it up, it gets stuck at certain points and sounds like an impact wrench after hitting specs when...
  4. Jetta/GLI VI
    Hello all looking to find out if anyone know the spring rate of the H&R race springs for the mk6 Any help is appreciated thank you part number for reference 54753-88
  5. Passat (B5)
    Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to VW vortex, my car is a 2004 (B5.5) VW Passat GLS 4 motion 5 speed manual with the good ole AWM 1.8T. but I'm in quite the dilemma. So after I put on a cold air intake, coolant started showing up in engine oil. I think the timing was probably coincidental...
  6. Golf/GTI VII
    I have a 2016 Golf TSI and sometimes when I start my car it will dumb oil on the ground but stop when I start actually driving. I put a new oil pan on about a year ago but I don’t think it’s that because I’m seeing oil on top of my engine. It looks like it might be coming from my head gasket but...
  7. Jetta SportWagen
    Hey yall im at my wits end and could use some advice, Background info 2011 Jetta wagon TDI 170k miles OBD11 Error codes showing ABS op: Implausible Signal code 01130 Airbag code B10B300 So a couple weeks ago I had the classic issue of my brake, traction control, airbag lights all coming on...
  8. 2.8l 24v VR6 Engine Forum
    I bought a 03 gli 24v and have been picking away at it and came across this loud air leak on the back side of my intake. Where does this go to?
  9. Golf V R32
    Helllo, I have a mk5 r32 and I ran in to a problem where my dsg transmition will run the car. car will run when it’s cold but not when the car gets to operating temperature and I can’t find anything with this specific problem on the internet. I need help
  10. Golf V R32
    Good Morning. I have been trying to diagnose an electrical problem in my MK5 R32. I keep randomly getting the following codes. Power steering control module not communicating Angle steering control module not communicating Incorrect control module installed And AWD control module not...
  11. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I am without a car! After driving 30 minutes home, made a stop for 5 minutes for an errand and my car cranked normally for a split second then died. After the car died my ignition position lost its “feel” , i feel the resistance to get past the initial “on position” (the electrical accessory...
  12. Manual Transmission Forum
    Morning all I hope i can get help y my clutch my car start and it don't what to select gear if motor are running if motor are not running i can select gear
  13. 2.5l Inline-5 Engine Forum
    Hi All, I wanted to have some insights on how to approach an engine swap from a BGx to a CBxA. The timing chaining is rattling hard and was apparently changed 3 years ago. I put less than 15K miles on the vehicle since. I cannot guarantee if the engine was properly fixed the first time around...
  14. Corrado
    hello everyone, i have a corrado 1.8 16 v but i don't get fuel to my injectors . when i losen the banjo bolts on the distributer i get fuel there but not further. ive clened the fuel lines and installed new injectors but still the same. anyone that can help? kind regards jens
  15. Jetta/GLI VI
    has anyone had any luck finding a repair manual for mk6 jettas? i haven’t had any luck. maybe they don’t exist or maybe i’m just bad at searching for things?
  16. Golf I & Jetta I
    I've got an '82 rabbit and the fuse box has absolutely fallen down! I'll attach pictures it's quite the mess 🤦 wondering if there are some sort of clips or bracket that holds the fuse box that I should be trying to click it back into. (I did not do any of the wiring in this car and it would be a...
  17. Golf IV & Jetta IV
    I'm having a problem with a loud screech or whistle when my turbo is under load after around 15 min or so. I thought it could be a boost leak and found a section of pipe mixed among the emissions bs that had a gash and I jerry rigged a new hose to fix it but I still hear sound after a bit. The...
  18. Golf/GTI VII
    EPC and Engine light This is my first VW and I'm still figuring out stuff. I got into the car after work and just pressed start/stop engine button. This started the head unit, interior lighting and hvac system. On the instrument cluster I see EPC and engine light on. These lights go away when I...
  19. The Car Lounge
    Howdy y’all! I’m doing my best Tennessee impression. Friday morning I’m leaving the hell hole CA to East Tennessee. I’ve gotta get a car the second I get there as I’ll be driving about 30 mins. to work each day. Need something decent on gas and reliable to pass that 1 year probation lol. Pics...
  20. Jetta/GLI VI
    gotta replace my oil pan on my mk6 2.5 but would prefer if someone could walk me through the gasket process i’ve seen people using only rtv style sealant but also seen people just use a gasket and i’ve seen people use both. what should i be doin?
1-20 of 26 Results