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  1. Jetta/GLI VI
    I just bought a 13 Jetta and the high beams haven’t been working. I’ve replaced the high beams today with the Sylvannia Silverstar Ultras, and both low beams work already, one was burnt out but was replaced. The burnt out headlamp bulb light is on and i got a feeling it ls gonna be the little...
  2. Golf V & Jetta V
    So I’ve put aftermarket LED high beams in most my vehicles and want to do the same with my 09 Jetta. Did a little looking online and it seems like this is a lot more difficult than the other cars I’ve had where I’ve just plugged in an LED bulb and been done. Do I need a certain adapter to plug...
  3. Golf II & Jetta II
    I'm new to the VW Golf, I just bought a 1991 MK2 GTI but my high beams and fog lights don't work. I going to attempt to fix myself but are the small round centered lights high beams or fog lights? Thanks!
  4. Golf/GTI VII
    Hi all, I recently bought an VW Golf 7 from 2015. The headlights (xenon) are working fine, but when I turn on the high beam, the high beam is not working. It is a bi-xenon headlight. When turning on the high beam, I got the blue icon on the dash that high beam is activated. I changed lamps from...
1-4 of 4 Results